Review – The Secret To Healing Cancer

The Secret To Healing Cancer –
A Chinese Psychiatrist and Family Doctor
Presents His Amazing Method For Curing
Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth

Author: Dr. Tien-Sheng Hsu
New Awareness Network, Inc.
ISBN #978-0-9849285-0-7

I am incredibly impressed with Dr. Hsu’s work, with his sense of heart, and his depth of wisdom. This book could very well be entitled “The Secret To Healing”, and leave it right there. Healing in Dr. Hsu’s world is a psycho-spiritual healing, based on Jane Robert’s channeled Seth material. Originally a family physician, Dr. Hsu chose to study psychiatry in order to better understand how the human psyche affects the physical body. He is a well-respected medical doctor and psychiatrist residing and working in Taiwan, and is the founder of a Holistic Clinic in Taipei which treats cancer, other physical and mental illnesses.

Dr. Hsu has written several books, but this is the first one to be translated from the original Mandarin Chinese into English. Both the translation, and the writing itself, is exemplary. Very clear, very easy to follow. The basic thought here is that all illness is a reflection of inner problems which disrupt the immune system that governs out natural state. In his work, Dr. Hsu takes his patients back in their lives, to determine where unresolved issues, emotional blocks, repressed emotions, negative patterns of thought, or unhealthy behavior has presented itself in the patient’s life.

The case studies presented are from among Dr. Hsu’s patients, reflecting their Eastern background and culture. This is very easily translated into the issues/expectations faced by those from the Western culture, meaning that the information presented here is applicable to all people, from all backgrounds. The bottom line – the process of healing is all about helping people to access their emotional self, understand what is holding up the flow of energy in their life, healing their psyche, and releasing the body’s powerful innate ability to heal and recuperate.

In his preface, Dr. Hsu talks about how he got his start in working with cancer patients when a friend of his was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer. Wanting to help his friend, Dr. Hsu and his associate, Ms. Wang Chi Ching, designed a holistic treatment that involved mind, body, and spirit, integrating it with traditional medical treatment. Surprisingly good results were achieved … his friend was still healthy and carrying on with his life as this book went to press.

Dr. Hsu addresses issues such as staying in the present moment, because the power to make immediate change lies in the present. In addressing cancer itself, Dr. Hsu views it not only as a medical illness, but as a turning point for a new life. Once the reason is determined for the pathological change in the individual’s gene’s, it can then be addressed, which will bring the gene back to its natural state. And that reason is psychological in origin, not physical (medical). The turning point to a new life is in teaching individuals to change their lives for the better. It is a matter of though, not diet or exercise, or medical treatment. One of the biggest messages in this book … we are master of our own destiny.

At the end of each chapter is a checklist so that individuals can take a look at their own lives with integrity. These checklists include: “A Checklist For People Living With Cancer: The Onset Of Disease”, “A Checklist For People Living With Cancer: Learning To Trust”, “A Checklist For People Living With Cancer”, “A Checklist For People Who Have Breast Or Cervical Cancer: On Love and Sex”, “A Self-Healing Practice For People Living With Cancer: The Release Of Negative Emotions”, “A Self-Healing Practice For People Living With Cancer: 12 Examples Of Making Oneself Happy”, “A Self-Healing Practice For People Living With Cancer: Healthful Eating”, “A Healing Practice For People Living With Cancer: Change The Past From The Power In The Present Moment”, “A Checklist For People Living With Cancer: See the Positive Meaning Of Cancer”, “A Checklist For People Living With Cancer: Regarding Emotion”, “A Self-Healing Practice For People Living With Cancer: Affirming Your Self-Worth”, “A Self-Healing Practice For People Approaching Passing On: A Psychological Self-Reconstruction During Palliative Care”.

Other tidbits include “The Three Great Rules Of Body, Mind, and Spirit”, “An Exercise To Get In Touch With Your Feeling Tone”, “The Quality Of A Healer Is Much More Important Than The Words He Says”.

At the end of the book is an appendix containing true stories of patients that Dr. Hsu has worked with.

I found this book to be very empowering, and feel that it would be so for healers, counselors, and patients of all types. I felt so strongly about Dr. Hsu whenI looked at his photograph that I have included it in this review. I see wisdom, gentleness, and an individual who is totally aligned with himself. An excellent advertisement for his own teachings!

© June 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

18 comments on “Review – The Secret To Healing Cancer

  1. Pip says:

    Reblogged this on As You Wish Healing-Light and commented:
    This sounds very interesting!

  2. […] Review – “The Secret To Healing Cancer” – The Secret To Healing Cancer […]

  3. Scott Dyksterhouse says:

    As my luck would have it, my attempt at an explanation just dissappered. Quickly then, Seth student for many years, have brought down upon myself Stage 4 cancer in 4 areas and both feet partially crippled. My focus is entrapped in the empirical world and I can no longer get into the ‘Now’ I’m a member of, but refuse to share my situation with them. I am friends with two members and they have been of immense help. But it’s up to me. I feel my purpose is to beat this thing and recieve illumination. I have had ‘Direct Experience’ of my Psyche. My inability to share my knowledge and not be swayed by controlling others is, I feel, the reasons for these ailments. I do have difficulty in following my thoughts to get at beleifs. Thanks, Scotty

    • Scotty –

      Thank you for posting here. I think that it is helpful for you that you acknowledge your inability to share what you are going through.However, I question whether this is what brought this process on. I would look further into that. From my world view, I look to embrace and integrate processes like this (cancer). I look to transform whatever I am dealing with, rather than be at war with an “beat” it. Indeed, we do receive illumination when experiencing things like this.

      I wish you well.


      • Scott Dyksterhouse says:

        Hello Bonnie, You’ve stated: ……”I look to embrace and integrate processes like this cancer.I look to transform whatever I am dealing with…..”
        I find it difficult to embrace the end results of my beliefs that have brought these
        unfortunate results about. I failed to mention that I’ve had a very positive outlook upon my life. I accept no pity or favors, and those around me are surprised by my outlook. But I fear it’s waning and a facade of reactions is covering up my changing feelings. I realize that I must quit pretending not to know and accept my part in my play.
        On the physical aspects, I feel pressured in that the disease is advancing rapidly and time is running out. It came on so fast, I’ve only been made aware of my true physical condition 6 weeks ago. I’ve lost 35 lbs and can barley eat or speak. So yeah,it’ a bit frightening.
        Maybe you can now understand why I find it hard to ’embrace’ this situation I’ve gotten myself into.
        Your responce is greatly appreciated and I look forward to any further reciept of your knowledge.
        Sincerly, Scotty

  4. Scotty –

    It sounds to me as if all of your life you have been somewhat rigid – in a positive way, but still rigid. Cancer can advance rapidly … you have to flow with the speed. Illumination is coming to you … I am sure that you see this. 🙂


    • Scott Dyksterhouse says:

      Hello Bonnie, I’m quite impressed with your observations. You are spot on with the ridgid character side of me. For me, ‘the letting go’, and trust in that the greater self identifies and changes with each probability it encounters would be good practice for me. As Seth says
      ” enjoy the moments for they will fulfill themselves “, I will practice better flexibility here.
      Thankyou so much, Love, Scotty

  5. Scotty –

    Happy to be able to help! Wishing you well!


  6. Scotty –

    This is no doubt a strange and unplanned for journey for you. The smiles, when they come, will help! 🙂


    • Scott Dyksterhouse says:

      Hi, Bonnie, I’m not sure of the ‘ unplanned’ part, but strange for sure. I’m not into drama, I keep things simple, but apparently there are ‘powers that be’ with a larger plan, Ha Ha!
      Thanks , Love , Scotty

  7. Scott Dyksterhouse says:

    Bonnie, Knowing by my past responses with you, ‘Desiring Illumination’, and as Seth says to his students, ” join the great psychic expansion “, Would you say I’m on track? And also, I feel possibly that I’m pushing the issue? That it’s time to quit ‘pretending! He tells me that my ego’s purpose may not be that of the greater self but also adds that that is the reason we are here, to expand and become that more fully aware individual. I’m game.
    Thanks Bonnie, Always a pleasure, Love, Scotty

    • Scotty –

      I see you as settling in with the issue. It is there, and you accept it. In your soul you know you are receiving illumination at the deepest level. Those taking the journey with you will receive guidance from you. Just be you – that is all you need to do. 🙂


      • Scott Dyksterhouse says:

        Hello Bonnie, An update. I came down with a severe case of pnemonia. I’m still here. they trying to slow my heart down also. the specialists came pouring in and the prognosis has changed to termnal.My right lung has a massive growth and has matastized to my heart and bone. I’ve been given only weeks. Before eaving hearing of this, the moderator of SPI has offered to dropship the good doctors book, which I could ill-afford. Everyone has been so nice to me. While focus has become impossible for me in living in the ‘now’, I’m trying to become my experience with respect towards identity. Love, Scotty

  8. Scotty –

    Thank you for taking the time to keep me updated. How very gracious of t he SPI moderator to drop ship the book to you! You have given him/her a chance to act int he now, and to help someone else. Focus will be next to impossible for you right now – for extended periods, anyway. You will learn what you need to learn, and share what you need to share. My best guess – you have learned a big lesson in this lifetime … one that will not need to be repeated. 🙂


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