Review – Legends of the Lake

Legends of the Lake

Author: Philip Nork
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ISBN #978-1468043693

“Legends of the Lake” is about families, relationships, traditions, memories and more. It is billed as a fictional story, but in all fiction there is some truth. What Nork has done is to take a basic family tradition – the vacation – and show how it transforms a family down through several generations.

When I was a child, my family vacationed at the same spot, on the same lake, every year. I have a ton of memories from that time, and they sustain me. In this story, we follow a family through several generations as they vacation in the same cabin on a lake in Wisconsin. The land takes on their energy, and they take on the energy of the land.

We have a strong patriarchal figure, who is hard working and highly intuitive. He wants the best life possible for his family. We have an equally strong matriarchal figure, who finds home and hearth to be her foundation. They raise three daughters and a son, who, in turn, marry and raise children of their own.

Ribbons of wisdom from one of Nork’s previous works (“Misguided Sensitivity”) are woven throughout. We learn about the great-grandmother’s roses, and what the different colors mean. We learn about patience, and accepting people for what they are.

For me, as a baby boomer, the references in this book were fascinating – a snapshot into time. We read about Al Capone and Ray Krok (the founder of Mc Donald’s), about the Chicago Cubs, baseball cards, Fiesta ware, and even Tupperware. We get the feel for what it might have been like when these things were first being introduced into the world. Definitely a journey down memory lane!

The reality for me was that I cried through almost the last half of this book. The story was that compelling, and brought out memories of my family, and times that I had lived through … the fishing on the lake, waiting one hour after eating before swimming (that was a hard and fast rule with my mother!), the smell of suntan lotion, having to go to a separate area from the cabins to use the bathroom and shower. This was life “in the day”!

It was quite interesting to see how several generations of a family interacted, created traditions, and showed respect for one another. Well worth the price of admission!

© August 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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