Review – The AlphaBet For Lovers

The AlphaBet For Lovers
Insights, advice, and prophecy about love and relationships,
According to the Hebrew alphabet.

Author: Orna Ben-Shoshan
Artist: Orna Ben-Shoshan
Independently Published

“The AlphaBet For Lovers” is the latest project from Israeli artist/author Orna Ben-Shoshan. Based on the Hebrew alphabet, this 72 card deck provides insight, advice, and prophecies about love and relationships. It is a powerful tool for transformation, and joins other offerings from Ben-Shoshan, including the “King Solomon Oracle Cards”, the “Wheel of Wisdom”, the “72 Names” cards … all intended to be tools of personal guidance.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are considered to be the cosmic DNA and the basic ingredients that constituted the creation of the universe. What better basis for examining ones relationships – what activates them, where any difficulties might be coming from, and how they may be resolved. The letters function as channels through which the power of the creator is realized in the material world. They are also important in that the enable our connection to universal energy.

The 72 cards and the accompanying 104 page interpretation booklet are packaged in a yellow sleeve-type box. The text is presented in both English and Hebrew, with the image of card number 7 (Gimel- Caring and Kindness) on the front cover.

The Interpretation Booklet briefly introduces the Tree of Life, its 32 paths, then addresses how the Hebrew alphabet is connected with our personal issues, how we can use it to analyze our personal (love) relationships, and how we can achieve personal growth through our relationships. There are suggested questions to ask, as well as tips on working with the cards. On receiving vague answers, Ben-Shoshan suggests that perhaps the question itself was not clear, or that at this moment you are not supposed to have the answer to that question.

Spreads presented include a one heart spread, for an immediate, focused answer, a two hearts spread (the first heart answers the question “What happens right now in my love life?” , while the second heart answers “What else should I know about the situation, and what can I expect for the future?”), a three hearts spread (the first heart answers the question :What happens in my relationship now?”, the second heart answers the question “What lesson should I learn about the subject in question?”, and the third heart answers the question “ What will happen in the future if I implement the lesson I have learned in my life?”), a four hearts spread (the first heart answers the question “What are the factors affecting my relationship at present?”, the second heart answers the question “What do I really want, what is my purpose, and where do I want to go?”, the third heart answers the question “What is the nature of the person I am involved with?” For singles this question is “What is the nature of the person I am going to meet?”, the fourth heart answers the question “What should I expect? Which way will the situation develop in the future?”), and a three card Past/Present/Future spread.

Ben-Shoshan has also included a table with the English pronunciation of the Hebrew letters, and the corresponding related answers in the booklet.

Also addressed are the areas of personal compatibility, questions of timing, Yes/No questions, reading for other people, and refreshing(clearing) the hearts.

The cards are presented in text only, no images. The Hebrew letter is listed in text and by image, followed by keywords for the card. There is a section describing the energy of the card, an interpretation for singles, a on section on personality, and one on advice.

The cards themselves are heart shaped, and come in a beautiful decorative bag. The front of the card holds the imagery, with the card number on the bottom of the card. The card backs show the card number, the Hebrew letter in text and image, and the keywords for the card.

Some of my favorite cards include:

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64 – Resh – Opening new channels

17 – Vav – Restoring integrity and openness

72 – The Crazy Heart – luck in love

15 – He – A relationship with a dominant individual

4 – Beit – Warm and stable home

12 – Dalet – The importance of expressing your needs

The first thing that I did with this deck was a compatibility reading. I have to say – it was spot on! The artwork is gentle and minimalist … easily interpreted by people from different backgrounds and cultures. For those who read about relationships for their clientele, or for those who want personal growth through understanding their own relationship, this is an excellent book!

The cards can be purchased here: .

© October 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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  1. Ohh, it’s a nice one! Thank you for reviewing it, Bonnie!

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