Jordan Hoggard ~ Founder, The Architecture of Well-Being (R)

The Bicameral Mind of Facebook and Social Media

I left Facebook yesterday. As soon as I clicked to confirm to deactivate my account, an idea came to me. Facebook and social sites in general are like an externalized mind. An unconscious, bicamerally actualized set of sensory stimuli . . . like a not-yet-conscious, ancient Egyptian might be in their hearing voices both internal and external in lieu of differentiating the audibles of these “voices” as thoughts or ideas that one has when internal, as communications when external. And, POOF, I saw the whole of Facebook as one, giant schizophrenic composite of the multiplicity of its mostly non-schizophrenic people making their messages in voice and image . . . with inspirational quotes and squee and cat pictures as the predominant societal glue-nucleus . . . or glucleus to neologically coin a word.

Like the body itself,

like the whole of Facebook…

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  1. mystereum says:

    Thanks for the reblog and tweeting, Bonnie! Much appreciated. MAgical New Years Blessings to Ya!

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