Review – The Star Road Map – Divination Beyond Time & Space

The Star Road Map –

Divination Beyond Time & Space

Author: Patricia Padilla, Marlena Freelove
Artist: Patricia Padilla, Marlena Freelove
Schiffer Publishing
ISBN #978-0-7643-4222-6

The Star Road Map box



We are born into community and exist in community.

 We are part of the cosmos, surrounded by the Tree People,

the Rock People, the Winged Ones, , the Finned Ones and

the Creepy Crawly Ones. 

 We are affected by the stars and the planets, just as the

oceans and winds are, and our Ancestors are always around us.

 Patricia A. Padilla


“The Star Road Map” is a 78 card divinatory deck and companion book, based on the ancient worldview of the Mesoamericans, and their use of a 260 day Sacred Calendar (in conjunction with the traditional 365 day Solar Calendar). Through viewing how the Mesoamericans perceived reality, we get a fresh perspective on how to view our own issues, and how the energy plays out in our life. You will be able to create a multi-dimensional picture of the energies affecting you and Mother Earth … in the past, present, and future.

The “believability” of this deck for me centers around the background of the authors.  Patricia Padilla is a native of New Mexico, who was born into eight generations of Curanderas – a Hispanic healing tradition. She has worked as an acupuncturist and herbalist for twenty years. She also published and wrote for a local weekly newspaper for twenty-four years. She currently lives near Taos, NM, and continues to work with people, write, and paint.

Marlena Freelove was a child of immigrant parents, and traveled extensively through the Midwest with her father when she was a child.  She worked for many years in the field of computer technology.  After a serious accident at the age of 38, she had a dual career as a professional and as a spiritual seeker. This is how her path crossed with her co-author, Patricia Padilla. Freelove currently works as a writer, and continues to create art with a wide variety of paint, collage, and assemblage techniques.

The “Star Road Map” kit consists of 78 cards and a 200 page companion book. The companion book begins with a presentation of the cards, including text and a half-page black and white scan of the card. Each card of the first 22 cards is presented by Number, Title, God/Goddess/Glyphs, Key, Inspiration, Energetic, Goal, Light, Shadow, and History.

The first 22 cards are as follows:

00 Fool, Patecatl

01 Magus, Quetzalpapalotl

02 Priestess, Lady Xoc

03 Empress, Chalchiuhticue

04 Emperor, King Bird Jaguar

05 Hierophant, Tezcatlipoca

06 Lovers, Ometecuhtlis

07 Chariot, Quetzalcoatl

08 Adjustment, Law Giver

09 Fortune, Maize God

10 Lust Tlazolteotl

11 Hanged Man, Seven Macaw

12 Death,Tzitzimitl

13 Vision, Vision Serpent

14 Devil, Earth Monster

15 Tower, Fire Water Stream

16 Star, Lamat

17 Moon, Ix Chel

18 Sun, Quetzalcoatl

19 Stillness, Water Lily

20 Universe, Teotihuacan Spider Woman

21 Self Love, Xochiquetzal

Note: The entire first chapter (which describes the Star Road Map Cards, the World Tree, and the Fifth Element), as well as the write up on card 00 Fool, Patecatl, are missing from the companion book that I have. I checked with another reviewer, and they do seem to have it in their book.

From the book, for 01 Mgus, Quetzalpapalotl:

Key: Transformation

Inspiration: It is time to recognize that you are a magician, and can mold and transform any reality at hand by changing your perception of it. Do not rely on someone ele to identify who and what you are. You have the power to manifest what you desire.

Energetic: The use of will to progress the souls’ evolution according to plan. This card indicates the vital energy for transformation and suggests that we, like the butterfly, are at times in a larvae state deciding whether or not to let our wings unfold. The information and ability   for flight is there, it is our will that determines whether we will fly or not. All that you need is available. Where is your will and what would you choose and why?

Goal: Your intention is to dance with the physical world as though you realize that you have the power to transcend any obstacle. Use your power for evolution and enlightenment. As you allow your wings to unfold, be conscious of where the newfound mobility can take you. If you feel stuck, change your conception of the situation, and how you relate to it.

Light: The evolution of the soul is an act of indescribable beauty and strength that serves the cosmos.

Shadow: You may be stuck I an unsightly cocoon, longing for fresh air and mobility. If this is causing you grief and frustration, remember that you have everything you need for transformation. Even in a jail cell, imaginati cannot be contained.

History: Quetzalppalotl (ket ahl PAH pah low tl) is the “Butterfly God”. Although little information remains about this god of transformation, there is a palace built in his honor in Teotihuacan. The image speaks to us of change and transformation on the deepest levels of  physical and spiritual existence.

This image suggests the energy of a magician, one who serves by showing us many forms and manifestations of the same reality.

Isn’t it magic that we can evolve from sperm and egg into fully grown adults and then transform again into the “no-thing state” of etheric existence. It is as if the magician can play in both the Underworld and the Overworld and present a face for eternity in the Middleworld (Earth). We are always on the precipice of evolving into yet another divine expression of Creator. There is nothing that can interfere with this potential except our own will.

The card First Father is the highest spiritual card in the deck, with no negative aspect. The authors note that there is no need for a dualistic interpretation of this symbol, because it is the one artifact that suggests the end of the illusion of separation.

The next twenty cards represent he Cycle of Days. They are presented with a half-page black and white scan, the Energy, Day Name, Direction, Symbol, Challenge, and Solution. The Days are listed as follows:

Acceptance 1 Day

Expression 2 Day

Security 3 Day

Leadership 4 Day

The radiant sun god,

Instinct 6 Day

Authenticity 7 Day

Moderation 8 Day

Persistence 9 Day

Authority 10 Day

Creativity 11 day

Emotions 12 Day

Knowledgeable 13 Day

Wisdom 14 Day

Ambition 15 Day

Overcome 16 Day

Flexibility 17 Day

Share 18 Day

Curiosity 19 Day

Simplicity 20 day

From the companion book, for Simplicity 20 Day

Energy: Artistic, dreamy, idealistic, romantic

Day Name: Ahua (ah-Haw)

Direction: South

Symbol: Sun, the radiant sun god, religion, and arts

Challenge: Learn to handle disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. Learn to toleratge unfairness in others.

Solution: Simplicity in all things in  heaven and on earth.

The next thirteen cards represent the Overworlds. They are presented with a half-page black and white scan, Key, Traits, Energy, Maya Number,  Ruling God, Positive Aspect, Negative Aspect, and History.

The card titles are as follows:

Initiation 1 Overworld

Duality 2 Overworld

Action 3 Overworld

Stability 4 Overworld

Empowerment 5 Overworld

Flow 6 Overworld

Reflection 7 Overworld

Balance 8 Overworld

Patience 9 Overworld

Manifest 10 Overworld

Clarity 11 Overworld

Transformation 12 Overworld

Completion 13 Overworld

The next nine cards represent the Underworlds. They are presented with a half-page black and white scan, Key, Energy, Time period, and Definition.

The nine Underworlds are as follows:

Cellular 1 Underworld

Mammalian 2 Underworld

Familial 3 Underworld

Tribal 4 Underworld

Regional 5 Underworld

National 6 Underworld

Global 7 Underworld

Galactic 8 Underworld

Universal 9 Underworld

The next four cards represent the Four Directions, and are presented with a half-page black and white scan, Power, Energy, Challenge, and Definition.

From the companion book for Muluc, North:

Power: Adaptability

Energy: Survival

Challenge: Emotional entanglements.

Definition: NORTH dominates during the winter, in the northern hemisphere as the sun is pushed south. The energies are separation, sacrifice, and manifestation. The associated Day is Muluc (Water), the associated color is white.

The final nine cards represent Divine Intercession. They arfe presented with a half-page blackand white scan, Power, and Definition, and Insight.

The card titles are:

Alchemy Intercession

Ancestors Intercession

Eclipse Intersession

Hand of God Intercession

La Reina Intercession

Nawal Intercession

Creation Intercession

White Flower Intercession

World Tree Intercession

Templates presented include One Card, Three Card, and Six Card readings (with sample readings and interpretations).

Star Road Map Back

The cards themselves are 3 ½” by 5”, on sturdy, glossy card stock. The backs show a ¼ “ dark border, followed by a thin white border, which is followed by a thin gold border. The inner image appears to be a type of mandala, with four red flowers with yellow stamens, surrounding a green inner circle, which in turn surrounds a gold circle, with an orange circle in the center, and green arms emanating from it. At the top and the bottom of the mandala there appears to be a stylized hummingbird. The cards are reversible.

The card faces all show a black border surrounding an inner image. The card title is centered across the top, with the card category in the lower left hand corner. The card number is also in the inner lower left hand corner.

For the first twenty-two cards, the faces show a black border surrounding an inner image, The card title is centered across the top and the bottom of the card. The card number is in the upper right hand corner.

The card imagery is very stylized, using intense primary colors. The images move between complex to simplistic. The first twenty-two cards represent archetypes, as with the Tarot, but are not presented in the same order, and are not presented in exactly the same way.

I found  these cards relatively easy to work with, and the artwork acceptable, after I had worked with it for a while. This is a good deck for those looking for interesting art, and for a fresh perspective on the archetypes.

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