Review – Prescient Remembrance – Volume 2: Walking The Night

Prescient Remembrance

Infinite Moments, Love Beyond Death

Volume 2: Walking The Night

Author: Jordan Hoggard
Artist: Jordan Hoggard
Independently Published
2002, 2013
ISBN #978-1-300-76818-0

Walking The Night cover

In volume one of this series, we were introduced to an ancient journal about a man and his journey over the centuries.  We also learned about the beginning … the very beginning of who and what we are. Volume Two begins  by reintroducing the reader to the ancient journal. From the book:

“We discover the story of a man,

a man whose undying love made him immortal.

Having found love, and losing it for centuries,

having never ceased . . .

( and a hand opens the book by candlelight to discover )

“I will find you.” he writes.

“I have you inside, You my Gorgeous Only.

As I grew weary Chitra painted my life immortal for my love,

for My Gorgeous Only . . .

I will find you again.

Centuries of infinite moments without you,

centuries just themselves moments.

Eternally. Always. I will find you.

I will find you.”

We read about Spirit … we read about Atman. The writing flows … as I said about Volume 1, Jordan’s poetry has that “epic poem” quality. As readers, we are getting it in small enough quantities to be able to digest it, and enjoy it. A verbal visual …a picture in writing for all time.

Enter Brahmana.

Small note: Watch the symbols on the left hand side of the cover image … they change for each volume!

“Walking The Night” can be purchased here

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