Review – Prescient Remembrance – Volume 4: Succubus

Prescient Remembrance

Infinite Moments, Love Beyond Death

Volume 4 – Succubus

Author: Jordan Hoggard
Artist: Jordan Hoggard
Independently Published
2002, 2013


“Prescient Remembrance –Volume 4: Succubus” is the fourth volume in a proposed ten volume series of poetry. The first three volumes were “Origins”, “Walking the Night”, and “Going Into Town”. The storyline is that of a man that has found, and then lost, the great love of his life. He searches for her through the centuries, his undying love making him immortal.

We read the story of the immortal (Vampire) through the pages of an ancient journal. In Volume 4, we move beyond the background of the story into the story of the man himself, his movinginto his fantasy life, and what he discovers there.

From the book:

“I will find you.” he writes.

“I have you inside, You my Gorgeous Only.

As I grew weary Chitra painted my life immortal for my love,

for my Gorgeous Only …

I will find you again.”

The man describes himself, and his Gorgeous One. He is naturally integratged opposites, She is pure animal, perhaps to be seen as a sacred prostitute, wielding Dominion over souls.

If you are drawn to what I consider epic poetry, then you will love this series!

Prescient Remembrance – Volume 4: Succubus”  – can be purchased here.

Also coming soon …mp3 audio versions for iPod.

© 2002 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

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