Review – Pendulums


The Bit of Study Series

Author: Ramona McKee
Editor: Heath D. Alberts
Independently Published


“Pendulums” is the first book in “The Bit of Study Series” from Ramona McKee. Coming releases are “Madame Lenormand and Her Cards”, and “Past Lives: Have you been here before?”. There is an interesting back story to this work: McKee was involved in a serious auto accident, with an unexpected result – she found out she had a brain tumor. Not a recent event – she was told that it had been there for approximately 14 years. It was in the center of her brain, near the brain stem. Non-invasive therapy did not work – two years later the tumor was visibly growing. Surgery was performed, with resulting nerve damage in the area of communication between the brain and areas of her body.

Learning to read the Tarot cards helped McKee with the communication between her right brain and left brain. Learning to read the cards lead to study in other areas, such as pendulum reading. At this time, McKee cannot work. Her husband lost his job, and they faced serious financial difficulties. To pay the bills, McKee and her husband liquidated their retirement savings. Unfortunately, now the taxes are due, and there is no money. She turned to her God, had an editor brought her way, and this series was born.

“Pendulums” is a work of wisdom and integrity. It begins with a story, in a place not far away, where a woman was expecting a child. Not long before the child’s birth a senior member of the community arrived at the woman’s house. She held up a needle, suspended by a thread, over the woman’s stomach.  The wise woman addressed the needle, asking whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. The baby was to be born a boy. This is one version of how McKee knew that she was to have a baby brother! This is a lovely story, and it remains one way in which a pendulum is used.

McKee begins by defining what a pendulum is. To my surprise, she also indicates that plastics can be used as the bob, or weight, of the pendulum. My first thought was – “No, I don’t think so.” Her thought is that at their core, all things are made of energy. And so it is.

The pendulum is presented in this book as a physical extension of the user. It is through the energetic connection to the user that the answers are divined – especially those that can be answered with a simple “yes/no” response.

One of the first topics covered is that of focus – both the conscious and  the sub-conscious minds need to be turned off. What McKee terms the “super sub-conscious” mind is what needs to be focused on the task at hand. It is up to the practitioner to make sure that they are focused. The focus is totally on the question at hand, and the desire for the truth of the response.

In looking for a pendulum to work with, McKee notes that while we can certainly buy one, we can also make one from materials that we have at home. For those purchasing a pendulum, she suggests doing so in person. Her reasoning is that a pendulum purchased through mail order may be attuned to someone else’s energy. My thought on that is that wherever you purchase your pendulum, you will need to clear, charge, and dedicate it. I would say the same for materials that you find within your own home to make a pendulum – put it together, then clear, charge, and dedicate it.

Instructions given for making and using your pendulum are very clear, and very concise. Anyone who wants to work with a pendulum can do so with consistent, reliable results. The process of connecting with your pendulum, and understanding it’s responses, are clear and “magical”. Respect your pendulum, and it will respect you.

I love the section on charging your pendulum, as it is written with a tongue in cheek sense of humor. You will learn how to define yes/no responses, how to check your pendulum by asking questions that you already know the answer to, and more. McKee goes into an interesting process for determining where something is located that has been lost. This section is worth its weight in gold! It also opens the practitioner up to the various ways in which a pendulum can be used. You really need to read the section on finding hidden utility lines – it really is amusing!

McKee goes on to discuss using pendulum boards, spirit boards, and charts. All of these items can be hand made by the practitioner, and all of them open up the information that is allowed to come through. However you choose to set these items up defines how they can be used. Imagination has its place here!

Important note: the pendulum will answer the question that is asked! As with other venues, such as the Tarot, make sure that you have defined your question well, and that you hold it firmly in your mind.

I enjoyed this material – if you have an interest in pendulums, you will enjoy it too!

© 2000-2013 Bonnie Cehovet

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