Review – Prescient Remembrance – Volume 5: The One Night Stand

Prescient Remembrance

Infinite Moments, Love Beyond Death

Volume 5:  The One Night Stand

Author: Jordan Hoggard
Artist: Jordan Hoggard
Independently Published
2002, 2013
ASIN: B00C0D1Z40

PR One Night Stand

“The One Night Stand” is the fifth volume in a proposed series of ten volumes, recounting the story of a love that was found, lost, then searched for through the centuries. This undying love made the man immortal. His story is recounted in an ancient journal that we read as the series progresses. This is epic poetry!


“As I grew weary Chitra painted our lives immortal with our love,

to find again our love.

Centuries of infinite moments without us,

each century itself just a moment,

another infinite moment.

Eternally. Always. We find …”

In “The One Night Stand”, our Seeker begins to open bits of consciousness in his sleep.  He is haunted by slow dancing shadows in his dreaming trance. Here the darkness of eternity consumes infinity. Heaven morphing into hell … and back. She was there in his slumber. Was this false? Was she there? Her hand moved over him, bringing back memories. Here we have a dual dance – the Seeker and She. She spoke to him of her Heroine’s journey. She is his immortal of the lit day, he is her dark night.

What a lovely journey this epic poem is becoming! Stay tuned for Volume 6: The Vampire’s Offspring.

“Prescient Remembrance – Volume 5: The One Night Stand”  – can be purchased here.

Also coming soon …mp3 audio versions for iPod.

(c) 2002 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

3 comments on “Review – Prescient Remembrance – Volume 5: The One Night Stand

  1. mystereum says:

    Tonsa thanks for the support and this review, Bonnie! Orchestrating the Volume 6 cover as we speak. 😀

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