Review – Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Magical Times

Empowerment Cards

Author: Jody Bergsma
Artist: Jody Bergsma
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN #978-1-57281-723-4

Magical Times cover

I just received a copy of the “Magical Times” empowerment cards, by Jody Bergsma, and I am blown away! I loved t his deck from the moment that I opened the b ox and took the cards out.  There was an instant connection. Upon reading her bio, I understand why. Bergsma lives in Bellingham, WA – the same state that I live in!

Before I talk about the deck, I would like to touch on Bergsma, her background, and what makes her tick. All of her life she has been interested in art, encouraged by her mother to express her emotions and illustrate her dreams. Her success in the field of art paid for a degree in engineering. Upon graduation, Bergsma decided that art was where her path was headed. As an art public, we gain from this, as she combines her interest in art, her love of wildlife, fantasy creatures, and geometric design in her work. She also offers free art instruction on her blog and TV series at http://www.Bergsma.TV. Her personal site is

“Magical Times” is a 44 card set of cards combining inspirational images (based on Bergsma’s love of native wildlife, fantasy creatures, and geometric design) and affirmations. The 28 page companion book is presented largely in text, with five black and white images. The intent of the companion book … and the deck … comes out in the first sentence under “To Begin Your Readings” : “Like all things, Magical Times Empowerment Cards” are a living energy, and it is good to align with their life force.” We are immediately transported into a magical world that offers us hope and caring. Each card is presented with an affirmation. We are advised that the more times we read our affirmation, the deeper it will go into our mind and the more influence it will have.

Magical Times Dreamer

Dreamer: Today I will take time for the dreamer in me. I will remember that my dreams havea purpose and were given to me for a reason. I will not be misled by the opinions and doubts of others, for this is my journey and only I can know the way. I will focus on taking tiny steps towards my dreams and I will never give up.

Magical Times Expectation

Expectation: Today I k now that I must let go of the past to make room for the new. I will appreciate what I already have and create space for even more. In expectation of what is coming I give thanks. I will sing songs of gratitude whiel the wings of optimism lift me up and take me on the ride of a lifetime.

Magical Times Gentlenes

Gentleness: Today I will let kindness grow in me, I will be gentle with myself and give my soul the love it deserves. I will focus on everlasting love and let it gently flow into the world. I am alive, my gratitude knows no bounds, and my heart now overflows with love and kindness.

Magical Times Gratitude

Gratitude: Today I will focus on being grateful. I am grateful for my bed, the roof over myhead, running water, my cloths, my shoes, my friends,  and my country. I give thanks for the birds, the grass, the trees and flowers. I will say thank you, thank you, and again than k you and my life will blossom and be filled with joy.

Magical Times Integrity

Integrity: I honor all that I am. I am always completely myself and that is enough. Today I will honor myself and my personal integrity and rise up in its power. I will embrace the greater part of me and live with serenity and honor. I will be honest with myself, live a life of truth, and I will be free.

Magical Times Manifestation

Manifestation: Today I acknowledge that my life is expanding and new doors are opening. I will let go of unwanted past experiences, forgive, and be grateful for lessons learned. I will be filled with a vision of everything that I want my life to be, do, and have, and let the magic happen. I give thanks in advance for all the blessings on their way.

Magical Times Mercy

Mercy: Today I will live in compassion, for myself others. I will show kindness in word, thought, and deed. Right now, I will count my blessings. I will love myself, forgive myself, embrace my humanity and in doing so I will be able to do the same for others. For what I give I will receive and I will begin with me.

Several spreads are presented at the end of the companion book:

The Single Card Spread addresses “What path should I choose?” the reader is advised to focus on the image first, and then read the affirmation. Bergsma’s advice with this spread is: “Reality is created from the mind. Let yours be filled with beauty, hope, and joy.”

The Three Card Empowerment Spread addresses “How did I get here, what is happening?” Here we are advised that we have the power to ourselves and our furute.

The Five Card Elemental Influences Spread” addresses “Who are my allies? Who walks beside and within me?” All cards in this spread are read in the upright position. The cards are shuffled, then laid out in a spiral. The reader begins by facing the East, and lighting a candle. The question that is asked of the East is “Who will help me, who stands beside me and gives me strength?” The question asked the South is “Who helps me, who is beside me?” The question asked the West is “Who helps me, and who is in the West?”  “The question asked of the North is “Who will help and walk beside me?”  Turning back to the East, with their four cards around them, the reader asks “Who is within me and gives me guidance?” Bergsma notes that the reader who uses this process creates a “Magical Wheel”.

Magical Timeas cafd back

The box that the cards come in is a lift top, with an interesting curve in the top in front. The cover shows a beautiful fairy like creature, while the back contains information on the deck and companion book. The cards themselves are 3.5” by 5.25”, and fairly lightweight. Care would need to be taken when shuffling. The back of the cards shows a mandala like pattern of intersecting circles. The coloring at the center is red, moving out to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

The card faces show different colored pastel backgrounds: blue-green, dark blue, light green, dark green, light yellow, dark yellow, light lavender, and purple. There is a ¼” colored border that blends well into the card. The entire background shows the chosen color, with the image in the center, and the affirmation in text at the bottom of the card. The artwork is done in water color, making use of native wildlife, fantasy creatures, and geometric design.

I find this deck to be very easy to connect with, and to use. I did a trial run with the cards in my May Full Moon ritual … they worked very well! The word empowerment is not used loosely – this IS an empowering deck!

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Review – Magical Times Empowerment Cards

  1. I love this review Bonnie. I saw someone posted one of the cards this morning so I wanted to find out more. Your review makes me want to order them now. Thank you 🙂

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