Review – Beyond The Here And Now

Beyond the Here & Now –

Thriving In the Age of Change

Author: Lucy O’Hagan
O Books
ISBN # 978-1-78279-154-6

Beyond the Here and Now Cover

“Beyond the Here & Now” talks about how we came to be where we are, looks at things that have not served us well, and shows us that we have a choice in how we experience the world. In her introduction, O’Hagan talks about earth taking the lead in change, with nature following, and biological life forms reflecting the cycles. She notes that earth is undergoing yet another transformation, and that everyone and everything on this planet is being affected by it. Where most plants and animals will either adapt to the changes and survive, or not adapt and become extinct, humankind is a different story. As individuals, O’Hagan feels that we have been given gifts that allow us to not only determine our own future, but to directly influence the course and direction of the earth’s ascension/evolution. She notes that among these gifts are the free will to choose thoughts, words, and actions, along with the capacity to feel emotion. We can combine these gifts, and work with others on a global level to effect change.

The focus of this book is to identify the gap between our current belief systems and those that we need to adapt to truly become masters of our own destiny and the co-creators that we are capable of being. O’Hagan posits that the earth is partially covered by an energy that is interfering with the creative energy being constantly sent out to us by the Divine Creative Force, or God.  This has tended to increase the sense of isolation and aloneness that many people on this planet feel. “Beyond the Here & Now” is intended to give the reader an understanding of exactly what the building blocks of co-creation are, so that the reader may use them in an effective way to create a life that fulfills their needs. It moves them beyond where they are now to a brighter future.

O’Hagan begins by talking about separation from source – that we are lead to believe that we are separated from everything … i.e. that we are masters of the earth. She paints a picture of humanity as often being out of tune with their environment, and with other species. She also talks about the fact that we are currently witnessing a planetary alignment that has not occurred for the last 26.000 years. All of this is making us feel as if we are living in some form of isolation.

Humankind, according to O’Hagan, has been preparing for the current changes for a very long time. A number of individuals have incarnated here on earth to help guide human beings along a particular path of evolution. (Here she notes such individuals as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. A new phase is noted as coming in at the beginning of the 20th century, with a shift in the energies on the earth plane, and a balancing of male and female energy.

There is quite an interesting discussion on mind over heart, where O’Hagan quotes Lynn Taggert as suggesting that the heart and the brain have access to a field of information unbound by either time or space. It is also noted that the mind needs to serve the heart, rather than be its master. This leads us to the power of thought. As human beings, we both pick up and send energy thought forms, on a subconscious level. Thoughts that go out to universe manifest in our reality.

One of the exercises that O’Hagan presents is the following exercise, used to develop an awareness of your thoughts:

“Ask the following questions:


• Is this what I believe?

• Is this thought mine?

• Do I want to create my future based on this thinking?

• How is this line of thinking serving me? “


I found this exercise to be very profound. It is followed up with an exercise on becoming a Silent Observer. From here, O’Hagan moves into emotions as a building block in the manifestation and materialization process. Through emotion, a thought gains power and meaning, Then we add intention … which brings focus to our actions. We add faith into the mix … our beliefs and thoughts, the things that give us self-confidence.

What we have in this book is a map of how humanity got where it is, a looks at things that are not serving us well, and how to not only release them, but replace them with things that do work for us. Through looking at the purpose of all that has happened … wars, epidemics, pandemics, and the leaders that guided us through them, we see where and how we are co-creators, and how we need to take charge of things in a personal and a global manner. We already know what we need to know … all we have to do is put it into practice!

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