Tarot Bargain of the Century! 78 Original Spreads, $7.80 USD

Jordan put a lot of thought into this … check it out!

PowerScopes & The Divination Studio

Original Tarot Spreads Bargain of the Century!

Like iTunes to play your cards… the 78 Life Mapping eSpread Collection

These eSpreads in easy to open jpeg format are great for both Tarot and Oracle decks alike. Runes?  Crystals?  Clients say YES!

These Original Spreads Are Intrepid Inner Travelers

The 78 Life Mapping eSPread Collection. 78 original Tarot Spreads. The artwork alone will take you places.  The spread questions along with your cards, runes, crystals, will build sanctuaries to house and support and enhance your personal self development.  Intrepid Inner Travels.  Where in your dreams do you want to go today?  Get your passport to intrepid inner travels!
The 78 Life Mapping eSPread Collection.  Allow these Intrepid Inner Travelers of spreads to take you there.

Are you doing inner work?  Personal self development?

This collection is the Tarot Bargain of the Century…

All 78 for $7.80 USD!!  

Really!  $7.80 for…

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