Mystereum TarotScope Weekly Allies for Sept 1st to Sept 7th

Jordan Hoggard ~ Founder, The Architecture of Well-Being (R)

Featured video ~ Mystereum Tarot Majors: Inner Essence Punch!

It’s a Holiday weekend!  So, for some fun enjoy one of the first videos produced for The Mystereum Tarot back in 2008 before the Imagination Primer in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum came along to be published in 2010. 

Click here to visit the videos on my YouTube Channel.

Mystereum TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 1st to Sept 7th, 2013 Week

In general this week look for new things popping up as the seasons change guard.  Odds are these new things will be both small and subtle. Keep your senses perked so you can recognize potential new opportunities when they first show up.  Get a keen sense of the potential present in a fledgling idea or action.  Note the character of new things so that you are able to see past their present general appearance to what they…

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