Review – Adventures With Greening Man: Book One – SEED

Adventures With Greening Man

My Mythic Mentor For

Ever-Renewing Life

Book One; SEED

Winter Of Awakening

Author: James Wanless, PhD
EverGreening Man
Produced By Wayne Marshall,

“Walking Man,” here is the secret of life …

Nature is the medicine and solution for

everyone and for all issues and situations.

Nature, itself, is the “Holy Grail of Life.”

People have searched for this magic all over

the world since the beginning of time but don’t

find it because they don’t see the forest for the



From Green Man’s response to James’ second letter.

For me, James Wanless IS the Greening Man. I have watched him grow over the years, as the creator of the “Voyager Tarot”, author of “Intuition At Work” (a book on being successful at all levels of life), to his latest book, “Sustainable Life: The New Success” (where he examines nature, neuroscience, psychology, and the powers of the mind). He is also the creator of a new deck, the “Sustain Yourself Cards”.

“Book One: SEED”, is the first book in a four-part series on greening and sustainability. It is written as a dialog between James and Greening Man. Greening Man? You thought that should be Green Man, perhaps? It seems that Green Man is a noun, rather a static state. Greening Man is a verb – a state of action, a state of being and becoming. Much better to have Greening Man as your mentor!  It is interesting, because of course this is a dialog between James and his inner self. I recently read “The Awakening Human Being”, by Barbara Berger (With Tim Ray), where she shares an internal dialog that she is having with herself. Is this synchronicity, or what!

James was at a pointing his life where he wanted change. His decision was to call on the ever-renewing Green Man for advice. So he wrote Green Man a letter. He wrote it by hand, and added color and images to make it interesting.This letter was the beginning of a dialog that I think I am safe in saying will never end. What follows is an exercise in connecting with some very deep parts of self, and coming to some very mind-boggling realizations.

The answer to James’ letter was almost instantaneous – a true “Come To Green Man” moment of channeled wisdom! The Green Man is perpetual life, as well as the guardian of that life. James was informed that through his disconnect with nature, he had lost the way for renewing his life. The Green Man offered to be his guide to reconnect him with nature. From being asleep in the wintertime of his life, James has been awakened!

Now there are a whole bunch of “re’s”: RE-awakening, RE-peat, RE-start, RE-store, RE-cover. About this time the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin floated into my mind and took up residence. All of this is in honor of a sustainable life.

The dialog continues between James and the Greening Man. James is urged to find his green path … to experience it fully. And he does. He is on the Holy Grail Tail. He shares this path, and the wisdom that he has gained through text, poetry, full color images, and You Tube videos. (This works because this is an e-book, so the links are live.)

We are at a turning point in our world, and in our lives. We are acknowledging the need to reconnect with nature, with Green Man and Green Woman. Success in all areas of our life really depends on this.

James and the Greening Man talk about the Deadlies (shadows that hold us back), and how to move forward in sustaining ourselves. The Greening Man notes that we are nature, we are not just out there observing nature. We have a need to feel fresh, vibrant, and creative. James is told to keep a journal of his journey, and to work with a coach.

James is held accountable. He has to show that he understands and is fully experiencing what Greening Man is telling him. That is a lesson for all of us!

This book is one that you need to experience yourself to get full value. And there is a tremendous amount of value to be found here!

© 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited in all venues without written permission of the author.

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