Review – Healing Pain and Injury

Healing Pain and Injury

Author: Maud Nerman, DO, CSPOMM, CA
Bay Tree Publishing
ISBN #978-0-9859399-0-8

Healing Pain and Injury cover

Remove injury shock …

Control inflammation …

And restore motion.


The three keys to getting your health back.


Maud Nerman is an incredible individual, and an incredible healer. While I do not know her personally, her words and stories speak for themselves. I would say that at some point in their lives, everyone will need to understand pain and injury resulting from trauma (whether we are healing ourselves, or helping someone else understand and work with their healing process.

Based on 35 years of experience treating diverse symptoms, Dr. Nerman has written a standalone book on dealing with pain and injury, which acts at the same time as a reference for dealing with the same. The book is written in a very straightforward manner, including references to the author’s own life, and to issues that her patients have faced. The patient stories in this book range from babies to the elderly, not all of which can speak for themselves. Dr.  Nerman combines lengthy observations, a visual of how the patient presents at each session, an in-depth understanding of the different body systems, and how they interact, and the wisdom that comes through laying her hands on her patients.

What I found most interesting is that current symptoms may be related to an injury from several years past. Also that the body has a certain sequence in healing, and that it will heal in that sequence. Which sometimes means that a patient feels that they are not making progress in their healing, when they really are.  Making the pain go away may not be an adequate sign of healing, while the ability to sleep may.

The issues that Dr. Nerman addresses include:

1. Why traumatic shock prevents healing.

2. How to tame and heal inflammation.

3. How restoring motion restores health.

4. Healing head and brain injuries.

5. How we can participate in our own healing journey.

The information in this book is presented in a manner that everyone can understand. The stories that are shared are shared for a reason … and the reason may not be what you think! In-depth information is presented on the bodies different systems, along with line drawings that are a combination of the outline of an individual, with the body system being discussed presented within it. For me, this was so much more realistic than just seeing the outline of a body system presented.

I found that much of this information pertained to me, and things that have gone on in my life (such as sitting on my foot, which for me has led to problems with my hip on that side). We often do not connect what is going on with our body with other issues/events in our life. This book is an eye-opener!

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