Review: Messages Oracle

Messages –

A Deck For Channeling

Author: Mary Nale
Artist: Mary Nale
Independently Published


“Messages – A Deck For Channeling” is a 36 card deck that is intended to be used as visual cues for channeling. There are no borders, names, or numbers to distract the user from connecting with the images. The images themselves are taken from the author’s own personal photographs, as well as from public domain photographs.

Messages back

The cards are 2.25” by 3.5”. The backs show a collage type background of purple, black, and white, with the deck name in the center, against a black background. The backs are not reversible. The card faces are layers of images that present some astounding effects … every time you look at a card you see and feel something different.

The cards come in a hard plastic case, accompanied by a short booklet that presents the intent of the deck. In the booklet, the Mary notes that the deck is not for everyone … that it can be a bit “moody”. I see this as a direct reflection of life … the good, the bad, and in-between. We experience it all if we are living our lives fully. Mary suggests that the Seeker create a notebook for this deck, and jot down their personal impressions of each card. What I have found through using them is that how I see each card varies on my intention … on what I am using the card for. The cards   can be used on their own for a reading, tghey can be used alongside the Tarot or other tools of divination for added information, they can be used to interpret dreams (I have done this), they can be used as a story board for writing, they can be used to work with past life energy blocks … the uses are limited only by the Seeker’s imagination.

As an example, I choose to do a reading from my own life with these cards. I defined the positions in the following manner:


1     2     3


  1. What I know about this issue.
  2. What I don’t know about this issue.
  3. What is hidden from me about this issue?
  4. What strengths do I have to draw on?
  5. What challenges me?

Messages - What strength I can draw from 2

What strengths can I draw on?  I have the strength to break the bonds that bind me in this situation. The bonds are of my own making … there is life within this issue that has yet to be seen. I need to be willing to live it.

Message - What I know

What do I know about this issue? That I will find what I am looking for if I quit looking for it. I need to soften/blur my vision to experience what is there, to see what can be. There is light, and dancing, and music everywhere!

Message What I Don't Know

What don’t I know about this issue? That it is important that I let the outcome go to Spirit … that the seeds I have planted are growing.

Messages - What Is Hidden

What is hidden from me about this issue? That time is of the essence. That I need to stay grounded and centered,and that I will find my way. The path is there … I am where I need to be.

Messages - What challanges me 2

What challenges me? Seeing where illusion ends and reality begins. Having the courage to take off my mask, and be who I am .

Note: Proceeds from this deck will help support Attune Magazine.

© November 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

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