Review – Intuitive Children

Intuitive Children –

Children Who See Beyond the Veil

Author: Kylie Holmes
O Books
ISBN #978-1-84894-185-8

Intuitive Children cover

This book hits home on so many levels! Even those of us who are not parents will recognize past experiences reflected in Holmes writing, and will have an opportunity to integrate them into our present life. The premise of this book is the natural intuitive ability that children have, with the added thought that some highly creative children are coming in as “Old Souls”, meaning that they carry certain wisdom with them.

Imaginary friends is a subject that is dealt with here extensively. A great many of us can remember having imaginary friends as children … but we were usually not encouraged to talk about them, and they left us about the time that we started school. Holmes asks us to think about this. Where do these imaginary friends come from? Are they a figment of our children’s imagination? Are they part of a child’s creative process? Are they spirit guides? Are they ancestors coming back to guide the child?

Holmes posits that perhaps to those children that are “Old Souls”, there is an imaginary doorway that is open to them that allows them to see into other dimensions. In her preface she talks about how parents of these highly gifted children can relate to them … how they can bring them up in contemporary times, while nurturing their gifts. She notes that these children will quite often challenge traditional ways.

In this book, Holmes writes with gentleness and candor, as she is raising three Old Soul children herself. She talks about how to recognize an Old Soul child, the importance of imagination, and the importance of dreams, and how our shadows can show up in our dreams. She also talks about earthbound spirits, and how they can appear to our children.

Throughout this book Holmes includes both personal observations and stories, as well as stories other people have told her about their children. This is what makes it all real … the feeling of seeing the “story behind the story”.

Several different tools of empowerment are discussed … tools that parents or guardians can use to help empower their children. Amongst the tools presented are shamanism (including totem and power animals), working with aura’s, working with chakra’s, past life regression, angels, Reiki, flower essences, affirmations, magic mirrors, and aromatherapy.

Another section that I really felt was powerful was the section on crystals. Holmes covers the energy associated with different crystals, and which crystals are best to use with children. She also talks about working with a gem pendulum, and making gem essences.

At the end of the book are a series of stories shared by others that Holmes has collected along her journey.

This is a book that was written with heart, and one that contains a great deal of information that can be easily worked with. Holmes lives in the UK, so many of the references in this book are to social systems inherent to the UK. It would not be hard to translate these references to whatever country the reader is living in. This is both a stand-alone book, and one that acts as a reliable reference, or jumping off point, for further studies.

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