Review – The Inner Wizard – Message Cards From Your Higher Self

The Inner Wizard –

Message Cards From Your Higher Self

Author: Jacob Roth & Libby Ram
Artist/Designer: Orma Ben-Shoshan
Independently Published
2003 (Hebrew), 2013 (English)

The Inner Wizard cover

The Inner Wizard Message Cards were originally designed by Jacob Roth and Libby Ram, and published in Israel 2003. The 2013 special edition was revised, redesigned, and translated into English. It is now available worldwide. I love the premise of this deck – short “notelets” from one’s higher self, connecting us to deep inner truths. Through them we gain insight on the path that we are walking, and the direction that we are taking on that path.

This is an 84 card deck, with the cards measuring approximately 3 1/8 inches by 3 1/8 inches. They are of sturdy, glossy card stock. They offer personal support as a daily draw (a great way to start or end ones day), renewed choice proclamations, and astrological associations that add depth to the understanding of current life issues.

The cards act to both heal and empower. One side presents the Seeker with an action, while the other side presents a scenario, with an astrological association. The cards are viewed as the Soul Mates for the Seeker … they allow the Seeker to explore and express new things about themselves, and their relationship with the world around them.

Sample Card:

“You obtained for yourself big hassling problem. You look at it continually and it grows bigger and bigger every day. But the big boss is busy with the Middle East … Find a loving person who will help you see why you created this lesson in your life. With blessing –the goddess of wisdom.” (Note: The astrological association with this card is Aquarius.)

Reverse side:

“I consciously choose to listen to a loving advice.”

The cards come in a beautiful hard card box, with a life off lid. The cover shows an individual sleeping, with their head resting on their hands. Above the figure we see a pair of gentle eyes, with rays radiating around them. There is a one page, folded instruction sheet that comes with the cards.

There is an explanation of what the cards are for, recommended spreads (drawing one card a day, one card for an issue, drawing one card morning and evening, or drawing three cards, reading from left to right), and a list of strengthening and weakening attributes for each of the astrological signs.

Sample Astrological Information:

“Aquarius –

Reinforcing features: innovative ideas, seriousness, idealism, objectivity, sociability, willingness to contribute to society, rebellion, independence

Weakening Features: solitude, detachment from emotional situations, passivity, floatation, avoidance of confrontation.”

I have found this deck to be gentle, positive, and informative. It pushes boundaries in a way that allows the Seeker to grow, without becoming defensive. It can be used alone, or as an “added value” to another type of reading. I was delighted to receive two Kabbalistic Amulets with my deck:  Healing and Good Health, and Peace, Tranquility, and Love. This is a lovely tool of empowerment!

Available through Kabbalah Insights.

(c) 2000 – 2013 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction prohibited in any venue without written permission from the author.

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