Review – Sustainable Life: The New Success

Sustainable Life:
The New Success

Author: James Wanless, Ph.D.
The Living Future
ISBN #978-0-9833024-8-4

Sustainable Life Cover Small

“Sustainability is the new success, because it’s
a sustainable success, and it’s not a given. It’s an
ability – the “sustain-ability” – that needs to be learned
and exercised. In “Sustainable Life”, noted futurist James
Wanless, Ph.D.examines the principles of personal
sustainability as the means of living a healthy, whole
life – achieving a personal sustainability and contributing to
global sustainability through our personal choices.”
from the back of the book

We definitely have a road map for leading a good life in this incredible book. In his preface, Wanless notes that there is no particular way or form to follow, that it is the energy behind whatever we do that sustains us the most.

In Part One, Wanless presents us with a roadmap for sustainability. Part Two talks about “sustainabilities”, including adapting, growing, seeds of change, the fruits of growth, and breaking through a break point. Part Three addresses the sustainable you, including the creative mind, the heart of motivation, the renewable body, an inspired life of destiny, and synergy. Part Four addresses sustainable work – productive right livelihood. Part Five addresses sustainable love. Part Six addresses a sustainable world, including community and mother nature. Part Seven addresses sustainable future. Part Eight is the sustain-ability gym – an action journal for recording personal insights and progress.

“Sustainable Life” is illustrated throughout with full color images from Wanless’ “Sustain Yourself Cards”. They are a wonderful accompaniment to the “green wisdom” contained in this book. I love that throughout the book Wanless asks us to question ourselves, such as “What talents hae I unused, or underused? Where have I underperformed, and how have I undervalued myself?”

We are encouraged to build and maintain a healthy environment around us, to take care of ourself, and to become completely healthy. We are encouraged to balance our four essential faculties: thinking, feeling, sensing, and knowing.

The final chapter is after my own heart … a series of questions for the reader to answer, along with actions that they develop for themselves. Questions include: “Why do you want to be more sustain-able?”, “How are you not authentic?”, “How have you undervalued yourself?”, and “What outer resources are you developing?”.

Bottom line – we are to live our destiny.

(c) 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.


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