Artistic Choices

I totally love Pamela’s work … both the Steele Wizard Tarot, and the Wizard’s Pets Tarot! What a lucky granddaughter … and what a lucky Tarot public!

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As I near the middle of the fund raising campaign for the Wizard’s Pets Tarot, the question “What on earth possessed you to re-work the classic Rider/Waite/Smith into a cartoon styled fantasy deck?” has been posed on multiple occasions.  What was I thinking?

Most of my art career (from the age of 14 years) I’ve taken my work seriously.  Very seriously.  I worked exclusively in oils with the occasional foray into black and white pencil drawings, but my work was powerful, dramatic, realistic and always conveyed an essential spiritual essence with strong emotional overtones.  So why?  Why after the Steele Wizard Tarot did I choose to join tarot with whimsical light-hearted subjects?

It began with my (then) 9 year old grand daughter asking me for a tarot.  She wanted me to make one for her.  She was reminding me to remember how to play.  When I chose to deviate from…

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