Review – Poison Pen Letters To Myself

Poison Pen Letters To Myself

Author: Romany Rivers
Moon Books
ISBN: 978 1 78279 520 9

Poison Pen Letters To Myself cover
In a nutshell … this is a lovely collection of poetry written in no uncertain terms. It is all about life … what life does to us, and what we do to life. It is a collection developed over a twenty year time period, written on any material available, to get the author’s thoughts down. They reflect the times of the author, and that is all they need to do.

Each poem is a life event held in time … like the Red Letter (I am sure that many of us have dealt at least once with these crazy red letters!). On the Outside Looking In … we have all lived that one. On “remote suicide” (a slow death due to the actions of another). What does life really mean?

“Return To Sender” begins by talking about occupying the same space as a previous self. How prescient is this! “Moral Masquerade” speaks of government, killing, and our lack of voice in the process. “On Reflection” asks for a clear mirror so that she can see who she truly is.

“Addressee Unknown” … all about moving on, and burning bridges. “Dedication” talks about walking the Goddess path, while “Universal Self” talks about that which is left to be achieved. “Sleep Deep” speaks of the loss of a child, before that child can even make a mark on life (although it makes its mark on those who love it).

These poems are somewhat of an autobiographical journey through the author’s life, describing the good times and the bad, including issues with depression. Read from beginning to end, they show the growth of a very talented individual.

The author speaks of the truth of her life … a truth that as readers we will often see mirrored in our own lives.

 © 2000-2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.


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