Review – Celestial Goddesses

Celestial Goddesses –
An Illustrated Meditation Guide

Author: Lisa Hunt
Artist: Lisa Hunt
Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN #0-7387-0118-1

Celestial Goddesses cover
What an incredible book, and what incredible timing! I was blessed in being able to take part in an offer that Lisa put up for a combination of this book and a personalized Goddess drawing. I have a lovely drawing (my second from Lisa!), and an incredibly useful guide to Goddess meditation.

Things often come to us in strange ways. The timing was so right for this, as an online acquaintance is doing a series of webinar interviews on goddess/priestess work, as well as bringing up a companion site. I have several Goddess Tarot and Oracle decks, and am moving into a personal space where they are becoming more and more important.

“Celestial Goddesses” is a 122 page, full color book dedicated to meditating on the celestial Goddesses. Included are Amaterasu, Arianrhod, Artemis, Chang-O, Coyolxauhqui, Hina, Inanna, Isis, Luonnotar, Mama Quilla, Mawu, Nut, Pana, Saule, Selene, Tara, Unelanuhi, Ushas, White Shell Woman, and Wuriupranili. Goddesses from diverse cultures that offer a variety of perspectives on life.

In her bio, Lisa notes that this book is a culmination of many years of meticulous research, and that it reflects her personal interest in goddesses. The painting for this book were executed using transparent watercolors on 100% rag hot press watercolor paper.

In her preface, Lisa talks about growing up “with her head in the clouds”, and that as she began to recognize the goddess in her manifold forms and guises, that she began to celebrate her own femininity through the creative processes of writing and painting. Over time she gravitated to the goddesses associated with the heavens. Through this she connected with her own inner being, and began to see that the divine energies circulating in the cosmos reflected the divine feminine in all of us.

In her introduction, Lisa notes that the power of the divine feminine is part of our past, our present, and our future. She also notes that the transformative powers of the goddess are part of our daily experience of life. The more we allow ourselves to experience the goddess energy, the more heightened our senses will become. For Lisa, many of the elements and symbols in these paintings represent the merging of our conscious and unconscious selves.

I am impressed with the diversity of Goddesses. Lisa notes that when we consider information from complementary disciplines, we spiritually, as well as intellectually. She also notes that we need the Goddess to be part of our conscious being as we move forward in life.

In the section on how to use this book, Lisa notes that meditation helps us deal with the minutia of daily life. It helps us to access the pure, fluid part of our mind. This lovely space is our personal gateway to all things. In meditating, we nurture a relationship with Goddess that helps us to understand our own importance in the grand scheme of things.

Lisa talks about how to meditate, using techniques such as breathing, visualization, taking a walk (movement), doing something creative, focusing on an object, and being part of a group meditation. She advises that we let the Goddess work for us by becoming familiar with her stories, and by studying the images in this book.

Each Goddess is presented with a full page story, a full page guided meditation, a short commentary on the Goddess, and a full page color image.


Amaterasu is one of my favorite Goddesses. She is a Japanese Goddess whose name means “Shining Heaven”. She is the Japanese Shinto Goddess responsible for cultivating the rice fields, creating irrigation canals, and teaching mortals the arts of weaving, farming silk, and cultivating food.

In her meditation, the student goes from darkness to light. The commentary reads: “By recognizing the power of your own inner beauty, you will exude an external beauty and energy that will enable you to live more happily and confidently.”

The Goddess is shown wearing a red and gold kimono, with her hair in a traditional style. She stands amongst rocks and barren trees, looking into a mirror that hangs from the tree in front of her.

At the end of the book is a selected bibliography for future study.

“Celestial Goddesses” is a well researched book that is easy to understand, and easy to work with. It is a must have for anyone wishing to do Goddess work. The images? They are full color and gorgeous!

 © 2000 – 2014 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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