Review – Clarity Is Power – The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals that will Excite and Inspire You

Clarity Is Power –
The 5 Steps to Creating Empowering Goals
that will Excite and Inspire You

Author: Gary Karp
Independently Published
ISBN # 978-1500785055


“Clarity Is Power” is a brief (88 page) book that packs a wallop! Author Gary Karp has undergone more adversity in his lifetime than anyone should have to bear … both mental and physical adversity. Each time he came back a stronger person, and achieved his goals. Why was that? Because he was able to focus, devise a plan of action, implement that plan, and move forward.

The five steps that Karp’s system involves are:

1. Gain clarity on your goals.
2. Gain leverage on your goals.
3. Explore your resources.
4. Create an action plan.
5. Review your actions to see if it is working.

I was very impressed that this book was written in the format of a workshop. Karp includes personal anecdotes, quotes, and references to successful people in the public eye – people we can relate to. He retains a nice balance between humor and seriousness, and asks us to hold ourselves responsible to ourselves. I love that he asks people to keep a success journal, and that he notes that while anything can be used as a journal, that a higher quality journal (such as a leather journal)

Written in the style of a workbook, with questions at the end of each chapter, “Clarity Is Power” teaches us that the most important person to question is ourselves. And what are the questions that we ask? Who (once you achieve your goal, who do you share it with), Where (where do you go to achieve your goal), When (placing a deadline on achieving your goal), What (what specifically do you want), and Why (why do you want this goal).

As the reader works through each chapter, they gain clarity on who they are, what they want, and how to achieve it. All they are required to do is put in the work.

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