Time To Think Holiday Shopping – Part 1!

Time To Think Holiday Shopping – Part 1!


Many people feel that it is inappropriate to think about holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. The thought behind this is that each holiday deserves its own moment in time. I feel that we can celebrate Thanksgiving in the manner that it was meant to be celebrated in, and still start planning our holiday shopping. If we give ourselves enough time to shop, we can actually create a budget, come up with meaningful gifts, and do it all without massive amounts of stress.

I am doing a series of blogs on gifts that come from the world of Tarot and divination. The items featured are those that struck my eye. Some will be recently out, some may have been out for some time. They all have an intrinsic value, from my point of view, and are worth considering. At the end of each blog you will find links to my other holiday themed blogs.

This blog is about Tarot and other divinatory books.

78 Degrees of Wisdom. Rachel Pollack. Weiser, 2007.

Best Tarot Practices. Marcia Masino. Weiser Books, 2009.

Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads. Teresa Michelsen. Llewellyn, 2003.

Gaining Archetypal Wisdom: A Guidebook For Using Archetypes In Personal Growth & Healing. Toni Gilbert. Schiffer Publishing, 2011.

Messages From The Archetypes. Toni Gilbert, White Cloud Press, 2004.

Pictures From The Heart: A Tarot Dictionary. Sandra Thomson. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2003.

 Sepulchre. Kate Moss. Berkly Books, 2009.

Tarot and Individuation. Dr. Irene Gad. Nicolas-Hays, 2004.

Tarot and the Journey of the Hero. Hajo Banzhaf. Weiser Books, 2000.

Tarot Celebrations. Geraldine Amaral & Nancy Brady Cunningham. Red Wheel-Weiser, 2012.

Tarot, Birth Cards, and You – Keys To Empowering Yourself. Bonnie Cehovet, Schiffer Publishing, 2011.

Tarot For Writer’s. Corrine Kenner. Llewellyn Publications, 2009.

Tarot For Yourself. Mary K. Greer. New Page Books, 2002.

Tarot, Ritual, & You – The Power of Tarot Combined With The Power Of Ritual. Bonnie Cehovet. Schiffer Publishing, 2013.

The Kabbalah Tree. Rachel Pollack. Llewellyn Publications. 2004.

The Underground Stream: Esoteric Tarot Revealed. Christine Payne-Towler. Noreah Press, 1999.

The Woman With The Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail. Margaret Starbird. Bear & Company. 1993.

This is a short list – each of you may have other books in mind to give as gifts. Have fun with this!

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