Review: brave in a new world – A Guide to Grieving the Loss of a Spouse

Brave In A New World
A Guide to Grieving the Loss of a Spouse

Author: Yvonne Broady
ISBN #978-1-4834-2229-9

Brave In A New World cover

Losing someone close to you is the hardest thing that anyone can go through. Author Yvonne Broady saw her husband, Clarence Cortez Loftin III, through a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Loftin lost his battle at the age of sixty-one. This was the beginning of author Yvonne Broady’s journey to find herself, to find out who she really was, and to navigate her new world as a single woman.

Her journey was a long one, and the writing of this book was an integral part of that process. This book puts into words her personal grief process, and discusses the steps that she took to handle her emotional pain.

This book, IMHO, serves as a guide to the grieving process, as well as a source of inspiration and hope. It flows as a story, filled with Broady’s experiences, thoughts, pain, and joy. Above all, it is real, and speaks with a very real voice.

We are taken from the initial diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, through the options available to them, and through how the process affected both Broady and her husband as individuals. One of the most important things for me was Broady’s acknowledgment of her husband’s psyche – how he felt about the disease, his treatment, and not wanting to be a burden to his wife.

We see in a very real way how important networking is – with family, with friends, and with the medical establishment. We see how important the medical establishment is after a death, in offering counseling and other services. I was very happy to see that Broady availed herself of both traditional and non-traditional treatments. She respected all wisdom that was out there, and allowed it to help her in whatever way it could.

She speaks of many things – about dealing with people that are trying to help, but really don’t, and about simply trying to reintegrate herself into her community. She speaks of how friends and family were there for her, and how her faith supported her in this trying time. She talks about the “supernatural” (the small things that happen after someone has passed that let us know they are still there, such as the flickering of lights, or a soft breeze). She talks about life!

At the end of the book is a section where other people have shared their experiences with grief over someone close dying. In the spirit of transparency, I have to let you know that I shared a few thoughts with Yvonne over the passing of my father, and she has included them in her book. The insights shared in this section are phenomenal! Broady ends with thoughts on hope, and how to remember a spouse. (They are never forgotten!)

This book is a wonderful resource that I recommend to all that are facing, or about to face, the grieving process.

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