Review – Witness To A Murder

Witness To A Murder

Author: Jean and Jon Hamilton-Fford
Create Space
ISBN #978-150045308-4

Witness To A Murder cover

“Witness To A Murder” is a fast paced mystery filed with humor and excitement. Louise Deveraux, a recent widow, visits New York to see her publisher. While there, she is witness to a murder, ala 1954’s “Witness To Murder”, starring Barbara Stanwyck, and “Rear Window”, starring James Stewart.

Still in shock, minutes after watching a man get knocked unconscious and thrown off a 33rd floor balcony, the phone rings, asking for Louise Deveraux. It is her publisher’s office. Before she can begin a conversation, there is a knock on her door. Scared to death, Louise peers through the peep hole. The murderer must have seen the glint from her binoculars – they must know where she is! But the lady outside the door is presentable, and pleads to be let in. She claims to want to help Louise. Louise lets the woman in. She introduces herself as Rota Deale.

Max, Louise’s publisher, has contacted Rota Deale’s employer, who is a huge fan of Louise’s books. The employer is throwing a gala for Louise that very night. If Louise does not go with Rota, she will be fired. At her age, she will not be able to find another job.

Louise agrees to go with Rota, and is treated to an unbelievable afternoon of indulgence – a massage, a mani-pedi, and a wonderful meal. When she returns to the hotel she finds amazing jewelry, a lovely gown to wear, exotic flowers, caviar, chocolate dipped strawberries …  and a maid!

Rota picks her up that evening in a limousine, where they leave for an undisclosed location. They arrive at a magnificent house, where an elegant party is in progress. Louise is taken to meet Carl, Rota’s employer. Here is where things start to spiral downward rapidly! Was Carl one of the three men that Louise saw on the balcony? Did he have something to do with her husband’s death? Does he have underworld connections? Will she survive? Nothing and no one is as they seem.

It becomes clear that she will have to do what Carl wants, or her family will not be safe. Her son, daughter, and two grandchildren – they are her world! What does she have to do? She has to become head of a Wellness Foundation, one that is in her name. And she will become wealthy … very wealthy. And her children … they will be part of the foundation too.

The Hamilton-Fford’s have written a very compelling mystery, all about what drives us, what makes us tick, what we will do to stay safe, and keep our world safe. I loved the detailed descriptions of clothing, rooms, jewels, food … and the general sense of extreme luxury that money can buy. We encounter a longtime friend of Louise that is … well, she is a friend, but she is not what she seems. And we see the depth of who Rota is, and what drives her.

This is an excellent read, and I highly recommend it.

© 2015 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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