How about today?

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Again, I thought I’d ask.
The question is, ‘How about today?’  I wanted a bit of insight into what is expected of me today.6_5_Hierophant_wm  What do I need to bring to the table?  How do I need to approach everyone from the person running the till at the check out to the charming people who hold doors open when entering or exiting a store?  The answer was simple.  ‘Be Your Truest Self’  That’s the first thought when the Hierophant popped up reversed today.
Yes, there are many who don’t read with reversals insisting they’re too negative or wimpy at best.  I don’t happen to agree.  Reversed this lovely card tells me “Dance to your own drummer!”  So that is exactly what I will do.
I will dress to make me feel wonderful.  I will step out the door with a smile.  I will Be Who I Am with no…

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