Review – Entering Your Own Heart

Entering Your Own Heart –
A Guide to Developing Self Love, Inner Peace and Happiness

Author: Carole J. (Meisner) Morton
Balboa Press
ISBN #978-1-4525-1721-6

Entering Your Own Heart cover

“Our deepest fears are like dragons guarding our
deepest treasures.”
Chapter 3, Maria Raine Rilke

“Entering Your Own Heart” is a literal journey to the center of our heart, where all love resides. The guide for this journey is Carole J. (Meisner) Morton – a licensed integrative psychotherapist with over thirty years experience in  guiding individuals to healing both physical and emotional challenges by developing self-trust, self-confidence, and self-love.

The voice that this book projects is gentle, yet strong, leading the reader into what for them may be unknown territory – accepting and loving themselves unconditionally. This is the first, very important step in becoming whole. We cannot manifest our strengths into the world if we do not accept and love ourselves. We have to do this on our own – no one can do it for us. We have to take responsibility for ourselves, and for the quality of our lives.

The message here is that we need to show unconditional love and compassion for ourselves before we can truly show it to others. Morton speaks from her own personal experience, as well as that of her clients. She writes with compassion and humor, never trying to force a way of looking at something on anyone.

The journey here is three-fold: (1) become aware of that small voice that resides within your heart, (2) actively listen to and check in with that voice, and (3) come to a state of total identification with this voice, recognizing that it is your true self, and completely dropping all identification with your personality or ego self.

A core teaching here is that our emotions and behavior are the result of our beliefs. Within us we have what Morton refers to as a personality self and a spiritual self. The personality self represents our beliefs and emotions – when it is out of sync with the vibration of our spirit self we experience pain. When the vibrations are harmonious we experience peace.

Throughout the book are appropriate quotes, as well as small side-bars that reiterate important sentences. Morton also references well-known names from today that readers can relate to. She notes that we are all made up of energy – that as individuals we are energy experiences.  We diminish our vital energy by using it to suppress our emotional energy.

We gain compassionate understanding by releasing judgment. How many times do I think that I am not judging, only to look back and see that I am. And I am the person that is being judged. It is very hard not to do that.

When we learn compassion for ourselves, the past no longer rules us. We have no need to place blame, we simply accept what was, and what is, and live in and from our place of inner peace.

While I do not agree with everything that Morton presents, I do feel that she has something important to say, and that she says it in a way that the reader can apply to their own life.

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Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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