Review -Hi, God

Hi, God

Author: Father Jack Frerker
Illustrator: Gary Bilodeaux
Pax Publications

Hi, God cover

In his acknowledgments, Father Frerker notes that children’s prayers tend to be “spontaneous and heartfelt in their innocence”. It is his hope that this book of children’s prayers will encourage prayerful spontaneity in both adults and children. In my eyes, he has succeeded in presenting a wonderful tool for everyone to access prayer in a meaningful way.

The prayers here are presented as letters to God from children. Being from a child’s point of view, they come from the heart, and express what the child is feeling. Each prayer is only a few sentences, and is signed with the child’s first name.

Illustrator Gary Bilodeaux has gifted us with gentle, basic illustrations that add a sense of whimsy, including a kitten, a horse, a top, an ice cream stand, a church, an ocean scene, and more.

From the book:

Hi, God.

I was wondering if Jesus had a pet dog. I heard his people thought pigs and dogs were dirty and didn’t want to have them. I’m asking because I would like a pet dog. Is that okay? I hope so. I’d like a little brown one, but not if it’s a sin or anything. I can’t imagine Jesus not having some kind of pet.


Hi, God.

I just want to tell you how much I really like snow. It’s so pretty and you can do fun things like making snow men and snow angels. But I’m also glad when you make it go away ’cuz I really like summer too, although I’m not sure which time I like better.


“Hi, God” is a very empowering tool for the encouragement of prayer for all ages.

© November 2015 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written consent of the author.

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