Review – Magical Oils By Moonlight

Magical Oils By Moonlight


Author: Maya Heath
New Page Books
ISBN #978-1564147332

Magical Oils cover

I have done personal ritual work for many years now, combining work with essential oils, candles, gem stones, oracle cards, intention, affirmations, and more. When my friend Pamela Steele recommended “Magical Oils By Moonlight”, I had to take a look. I knew just enough about oils to do some basic work, and I wanted to know more.

In her preface, Heath speaks of her lifelong interest in mythology, ancient civilizations, and the power of art in communicating with the Divine. Her influences include studying with Sybil Leek and with the Theosophical Society, amongst others. She notes that this book is a product of those studies, and of her lifetime of experience with the wisdom they brought to her. She speaks of the power of the moon, of moon cycles, and the seasons of the year.

In her introduction, Heath speaks of our dual awareness, as humans, of both the physical and the spiritual world. She speaks of magic as an act of will, helping us to reach our goals. When we can bridge the physical and spiritual worlds, we can then manifest our desires. Heath notes that the seasons, the cycles of the moon, and the physical elements are the tools that we have at our disposal. In working towards manifesting a goal, Heath recommends defining the purpose of the goal, noting what stands in the way of our achieving it, as well as noting our “freedoms” – the skills, abilities, and resources that we have to work with.

Heath discusses the properties of essential oils, using scent in magical work, how to choose the best oil for your purpose, as well as how to blend oils, and how to store them. She discusses something that I find to be of extreme importance – and that is the cycle of the moon, and when is the best time to plant the seeds of our goals. She speaks of herbs, and of cleansing our personal energy and aura. We learn how to purge our space, and how to blend appropriate oils. She speaks of transformation as an inner journey, and describes the process for preparing for a ritual. Recipes are given for oil blends for tasks such as grounding, severance oils, personal empowerment, luck, short term abundance, love, house blessings, past lives, soul retrieval and more.

I truly enjoyed the section on the planets and their associations (task, metal, color, element and chakra), as well as the herbs associated with them. I am a big chart person, and there is an easy to read chart correlating the planets and color, metal, stone, chakra, angel, scent, and day of the week. This is followed by a section on the zodiac, with associations for element, ruler, color, and stone. At the end of this section are two charts on planetary hours: the hours after sunrise, and the hours after sunset.

In later sections, the energy of color and light are discussed, as well as preparing and charging candles.

I am impressed by many things in this 223 page book. First and foremost, it is written in conversational style, speaking with and to the reader, and not down to them. Care is taken to explain the “why” of things. Between chapters, and with each chapter heading, we see gentle, awesome art work. Appendix A shows a list of oils by property, Appendix B is a master list of oil properties. At the end of the book is an index for easy reference. While this is basically a book for beginners, the charts and appendices act as a source of reference for all levels of practitioners. If you want to work with oils, if you want to work on yourself – take a good look at this book

© August 2016 Bonnie Cehovet

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