Review: The Fast Forward Mindset – How to be Fearless & Focused to Accelerate Your Success

The Fast Forward Mindset –
How to be Fearless & Focused to
Accelerate Your Success

Author: David Schnurman
Highpoint Executive Publishing
ISBN #978-1-64570-879-7

“The Fast Forward Mindset” addresses how we hold ourselves back from having the impact that we want, and how we can become focused enough to break through our own mental walls. Schnurman has developed a three step formula that anyone can use to accelerate their own journey to success. While addressed to entrepreneur’s, anyone can employ these principles to their life and achieve success.

In his foreword, international bestselling author Hal Elrod talks about the specific actions that Schnurman took to support him and his book, “The Miracle Morning mission: Elevating the Consciousness of Humanity, One Morning at a Time”. Why is this important? Because it is a living example of Schnurman’s commitment to help others grow their life and their business.

The three steps that Schnurman defined from his own life experiences are: (1) take action, (2) nip fear in the bud, (3) find your focus. The information presented in this book is distilled from Schnurman’s own life experiences. He hits the nail on the head in his introduction when he talks about how we often feel that we are not as far along in life as we should be. The foundation for this little voice in our head is what we have always expected to do and achieve, and the impact that we expected to have on others. I feel this is true for anyone, in any occupation.

Schnurman presents his material in an anecdotal manner – through stories of things he has experienced in life. He is very straightforward with what he says, and how he says it. He points out that he learned from his good experiences, as well as his bad experiences. We cannot let anything get us down. In walking through the process of Schnurman’s success, we gain a new perspective on how we can achieve success in our own lives.

Schnurman talks about taking ownership of our own thoughts, about learning to deal with things that are out of our control, making bold decisions, and being able to visualize what our future success will look like. Throughout the book we find templates that we can use to move ourselves forward. (Note: These templates can be downloaded from Schnurman’s site.) There are also exercises included that help the reader to develop qualities within themselves that are supportive of their success.

At the end of the book Schnurman presents the Fast Forward Mindset template, and an example of how he completed the template using the goal of publishing this book. (Note: The templates for this plan are available for download from

Bottom line – to achieve success, we need to move out of our comfort zone. “The Fast Forward Mindset” gives us the tools and resource we need to do that, whether we are entrepreneurs or not. This book acts as a gateway to a better way of living.

© August 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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