Review – Dare To Write: Creative Writing Prompts

Dare To Write –
Creative Writing Prompts

Author: Kristen Fogle
Rockridge Press
ISBN #978-1-64152-870=2

The cover of this book indicates that it is for young people and word rebels everywhere. My thought is that this is a vibrant book that has something for all ages, and all writing genres. At 165 pages, it is chockfull of advise, interesting writing prompts, and blank pages to write on. That would be the one area that the author and I part ways on – I will not write in a book. Period. I will use the prompts and keep an e-file. Others may choose to keep a handwritten journal. But I will not write in a book!

Fogle makes the suggestion that the reader use this book to get to know their own creative mind – and I second that motion! She suggests starting with Chapter 1: Writing Workshop, because it offers writers resources that will help the reader make the best of the rest of the book. Other than that, the book is organized by genre, and the reader can play around with whatever genre suits their fancy – whether it is one that they already write in, or one that they would like to dip their toes into.

The chapter entitled Writing Workshop deals with things like how to use characters, setting, dialogue and conflict to build a story. This is not a chapter to just read and move on – there are exercises for the reader to begin expanding their abilities. (I love that the exercises throughout the book are entitled “Your Turn”!) For instances, under building a character, Fogle asks the reader to answer questions such as: “The most important things that happened to my character are …”, “My character’s favorite outfit is …”, and “When speaking, my character sounds like …”.

Other chapters focus on memoir and self-inquiry; crimes, misdemeanors and total mysteries; love (the reader gets to develop a character worksheet in this chapter!); fantasy and sci-fi (in this chapter the reader gets to develop a setting worksheet; and poetry. At the end of the book are helpful suggestions and resources. Each chapter includes writing prompts, and several blank pages to write on.

I love this book – it is high energy, easy to work with, and can be used by writers of all ages and backgrounds. The only limits to what the reader gains from this book are those imposed by the reader on themselves. A mind that is open to experience can fly with this book!

© September 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.

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