Review: Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck

Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck

Author: Emily Balivet
Artist: Emily Balivet
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN #978-1-57281-788-3

The “Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck” consists of 48 cards and a 40 page companion book. Deck and book come in a sturdy cardboard box with a lift off top. The theme for the deck is based on feminine wisdom as expressed through goddesses and mythological archetypes, and was created out of Balivet’s own inner spiritual journey.

As a reader myself, I found it interesting that Balivet encourages the reader to respond to the card images, rather than becoming too dependent on the companion book.

In her introduction Balivet speaks of the deck being created from her own intuition, for clarifying the inner voice. The cards in this deck represent years of her own personal journey.

The cards are presented with the card name, keywords, and a description of what the energy of the image entails. For example, Amunet carries the keywords Hidden Meanings and Deceit. She is described as a goddess of mystery whose name means “the hidden one”.  She represents the subconscious mind, or the shadow self.

Several spreads are presented at the end of the book. A single card reading can be used as a meditation. A two card reading is presented with four different ways to us it. A three card reading is presented as a Past/Present/Future spread. A five card called The Cross is presented as a means to look at a specific situation.

The cards themselves are 3.9 inches by 5.7 inches, of sturdy card stock with reversible backs. There is ¼ inch border around each card, with the color matching the overall color of the card. The card name is presented in white lettering at the bottom of the card. The artwork is very detailed, with beautiful imagery.

© October 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission from the author.


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