Review: How To Spook Yourself Up – A Manual For Paranormal Investigation

How To Spook Yourself Up –
A Manual For Paranormal Investigation


Author: Teresa L. Carol
Doce Blant Publishing
ISBN #978-1-7320807-6-8

In her preface Carol notes that paranormal investigation is not as simple as we might think. From her experience as a paranormal investigator she has come to realize that there is the physical world, but there is also a spiritual world woven around it. When an individual has a paranormal experience, the environment surrounding them is the same, but their perception of it has changed. There are things out there such as ghosts, dimensional doorways, mythical creatures (some terrifying), and thought forms. She also reminds us that some individuals will initiate a hoax, just for the heck of it.

I love the way that Carol presented this material – very down to earth, very realistic. Someone doing a paranormal investigation may be doing it for themselves (or for a family member or friend) as a one-time kind of thing, they may be considering the field of paranormal investigation as a hobby, or they may be considering is as a profession. They need to be able to respect the phenomenon they are investigating, whether it be a ghost or a haunted property … or something else.

Carol points out that there is a great deal that is unknown about the spiritual realms, and that superstition and fear are our greatest handicaps to understanding them.

I love the section on professionalism for all team members participating in a paranormal investigation. From the common sense “no drugs or alcohol”, to respecting people’s privacy, to not opening drawers or closets, to being careful not to antagonize pets. (My own opinion here – our pets pick up energy that we do not. They may be more upset than we think. On the other hand, also my personal opinion, they can lead us to the physical areas that need to be addressed.) We also need to be very careful of any children involved, as they can be easily traumatized. Other guidelines include being respectful, and not scaring off the ghost or phenomenon.

If you want to offer your services as a business, Carol suggests specific things, such as: (1) defining your exact services, (2) checking to see if you need to be licensed by the state, (3) deciding how much money you will charge, and how it will be divided, (4) defining professional attire, and more. This is a business, and should be treated as such.

Topics addressed are maintaining a protected environment while working, technical equipment used in an investigation, how to develop your intuition and psychic senses, doing the initial interview, what the paranormal consists of, and how to get closure and do the final report.

Throughout the book Carol presents her own personal experiences and case studies. What a wonderful portal into the world of paranormal investigation, and what a great way to see what this work is really about!

With this book as a guide, anyone can conduct at the least a very basic paranormal investigation. There are rules, and they should be followed. Someone inexperienced in this field may not realize that they may be facing both emotional trauma and physical harm. The goal is to understand the forces behind the phenomenon being investigated, and bringing balance into the environment. Use the material in this book as a guide to working with spiritual phenomenon.

© January 2020 Bonnie Cehovet
Reproduction prohibited without written permission of the author.


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