The Big Book of Practical Spells

It came to my attention recently that the original edition of “The Big Book of Practical Spells – Everyday Magic That Works” is soon going to be unavailable (it will be replaced by the new Weiser Classics edition). So of course I had to purchase a copy of the original! What follows here is not by any means a review of the book, but a few notes on some of the wonderful things that popped out for me.

I love working with magic and spells. It is a wonderful way to help empower ourselves, and open our lives up to all that can be. This book is an incredible resource for both beginners and those who already work with what Illes terms the “magical arts”.

What can you expect to find in these 282 pages? Lots of great things! The reader will get a basic introduction to magic, a psychic glossary (this comes in very handy!), basic information on the four elements, working with color, and magical supplies (including minerals and botanicals). And … lots and lots of spells!

Readers will find interesting things in the psychic glossary – such as ways to avoid the evil eye being included with the definition for evil eye, and a recipe for Psychic Shield Infused Oil in the definition for infusion.

I loved the section on colors, with little tidbits like using the color blue for protection, the color green for growth, and the color purple for power.

Close to my heart was the section on working with candles – I have worked with candle magic for most of my life, and find it useful for many different situations. Illes gives very in-depth instructions on types of candles, colors, oils, and carving symbols into them.

Working with allies is something that I feel we should be aware of. Illes includes Animals, Spirit Beings, Metals, Minerals, and Botanicals. There is so much wisdom that our allies have to share with us! Animal Familiars is also an area that I feel quite connected with.

For those that work with dreams, this is also included in this book. Dreamtime is a very powerful source of communications of all kinds. We can ask for dreams, interpret dreams that come spontaneously to us, and so much more!

There are some incredible spells included in this book, over a whole range of topics, such as aura cleansing, psychic protection, bath salts as protection, using mirrors as amulets, house protection, psychic power enhancement, summoning spirits, love, peaceful home, dreams, fertility, full and new moon, finances, prosperity, and more.

Working with the material in this book gives the reader power over their own life.

(c) 2022 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction is prohibited without the written permission of the author.

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