Review – Sacred Union Oracle

Author: Lisa de St. Croix

Artist: Lisa de St. Croix

Independently Published, 2022

The “Sacred Union Oracle”, by Lisa de St. Croix is meant to help us explore our relationships and what it means to be in a sacred union. There are 30 cards based on deities and historical figures from many different cultures. The cards are done on heavy card stock in the shape of alter cards, with an arched top. They are 6″ by 3″ and come with a bamboo card holder. They are presented with an image on one side and the name of the figure(s), along with a message from the oracle and an action to take. They come in a sturdy box with magnetic closure on the long side.

Instructions on how to use the deck are on the inside cover.

Sacred Union Oracle

Hold the deck in your hands

Ground yourself, become present

Breathe deeply, sink in a little deeper

Shuffle the cards gently

Cut the deck in half

The top card is your oracle

Open yourself to this divine message

Look at the image

See what arises within you

Read the oracle on the back

Take note of the prescribed action

Place the card in the holder

Place on an alter or in your view

Let the energy of this Sacred Union

Heal, Inspire and guide your relationships

This is Shiva Shakti. They are two halves of a whole – equal and opposite energy. The action to take is one of non-duality – sink into pure awareness that you are interconnected, part of one wholeness.

This is Black Madonna and Child. They represent the Holy Mother and the Divine Child. The action to take here is to nurture – nourish those you love with life-giving sustenance.

This represents Joseph and Jacob. The action is that of jealousy – compassion and forgiveness, mend urts caused by jealousy.

The representation here is of Eros and Psyche – overcoming obstacles between would and desire. The action to be taken here is that of metamorphosis – let love transform you and trust the journey.

The artwork in this deck is amazing! The reader is drawn into the cards and becomes one with them. Relationships are often hard to understand – the guidance in these cards, along with the indicated action to be taken, makes this deck a powerful tool for self-exploration and healing.

(c) October 2022 Bonnie Cehovet

Reproduction is prohibited without the written permission of the author.


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