Review: The Psychic Protection Handbook – Powerful Protection For Uncertain Timess

The Psychic Protection Handbook –

Powerful Protection For Uncertain Times

Author: Caitlin Matthews



ISBN # 978-0749941659

“The Psychic Protection Handbook – Powerful Protection For Uncertain Times” is a 368-page guidebook for self-protection. Why do we need self-protection? Because life throws us a lot of curves, and we need to be able to handle them. Anything or anyone that takes us off our balance can become a major issue in our life if we allow it to.

In discussing how to use this book, Matthews has gifted the reader with several different situations and the chapter that is most applicable to them. Examples include: always feeling vulnerable (Chapter 3), stuck and unable to change (Chapter 7), and people-skills poor (Chapter 9).

 There is also a listing of positive blueprints to keep in mind as you read this book. Examples include: You are never helpless, unloved, or alone. Say “no” if persuasion or coercion is being used against you. You are a unique human being with a distinct role to play in the universe.

In her introduction, Matthews talks about being unprepared for psychic attacks. She also notes that what is termed psychic attacks are actually what she terms psychic disruption: disturbance of the soul.

The Psychic Protection Handbook is meant to be used for daily soul maintenance in the face of psychic risk. The whole point of this book is to look at the cause and effect of psychic disturbance, discern truth from lies, and know who we are. Throughout the book are short lists of items to consider under each topic, which I found to be very helpful.

Chapters in this book include finding spiritual protectors, streetwise psychic protection, the boundaries of power and energy, soul-care, uninvited guests, mind games, power of the word, people problems, home and environment, family and ancestors, relationships, the work of our hands, the world of spirit, and the unquiet dead.

At the back of the book is a bibliography, a list of resources, and an index. This book is a resource, one that can be turned to at any time the reader is having an issue. Matthews recommends reading the first seven chapters before attempting to work with this book.

The book is written in everyday language to that anyone of any background can use it. Even when you might think, “Oh, this stuff is very basic. I am beyond this.” You aren’t. Psychic protection has rules to live by – obey them, and you will be fine. The advice, exercises, and rituals in this book are down-to-earth and easy to use. Create the safe, positive life that you want to live on a daily basis.

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