Review – Misguided Sensitivity

Misguided Sensitivity

Author: Philip Nork
All Things That Matter Press
ISBN #978-0-9850066-7-9

Pleasure is relative. Happiness is absolute. It is the understanding
and acceptance of life as it is. You now know that you are accepted
for who you are, so go and be happy.
(from the book)

“Misguided Sensitivity” (previously published as Sensitivity 101) talks about the journey that each of us are on in this lifetime. A journey that is unique to each of us. How the people that we meet on our journey have the power to change how we think, how we act, and who we are.

Nork notes that this is a book that is based on truth, with names and places changed to protect the participant’s wishes for total privacy. He also notes that the lessons are valid, and allowed him the opportunity to gain new perspective on how his life turned out. The same method that Bork used to analyze the effect that other people had on his life can be used as a powerful tool for the reader to interpret how the people they have met have influenced who they are. The gift here – the reader is also given an opportunity to see themselves from a new perspective.

The journey for the individual in this book begins in a small town in Missouri, in the 1960’s. It was Ozzie and Harriet time, with neighbors knowing neighbors. Our individual is the oldest of three children, He was a child with a special gift – the ability to make others feel good. A slight tilt to the Ozzie and Harriet theme – the children were raised by a divorced mother and her family. (The father deserted the family when the main character was eight years old. He then became the “man of the house”.)

The main character felt that he was to blame for his parents divorce. His personality changed from extrovert to introvert overnight. He became attached to country music, as it seemed to mirror his life. Through his grandmother, he learned about religion and faith. However, the family was Catholic, and he had a hard time relating to the priest delivering the sermons. He was right – the priest was later removed from the church for stealing money, drinking, and molesting alter boys.

Along with the grandmother’s influence was that of the great-grandmother, a figure that our main character was very close to. From her, he learned to anticipate storms when the smell of rain came. She also taught him this lesson – If you want people to remember you, be different, be sincere, and make them feel special.

Written in autobiographical style, “Misguided Sensitivity” tells the life story of one individual in small sound bites – the people and issues that influenced him on his path. Part of this was the influence of his grandmother and great-grandmother, and part of it was the conversations that he overheard between his mother and friends of hers that were divorced or separated. He began to notice how men and women interacted, and how they tended to see things differently. One of his goals became to discover what women wanted from men, and how to give it to them.

Through interacting with various girls and women throughout his life, the main character learns specific lessons, which he highlights with each character that he discusses. Lessons also came to him in a very different manner – through visions of his deceased grandmother.

The really cool thing about this book – the main character talks about his experiences, but the girls and women that were involved with him, that helped him learn his lessons, get their chance to tell their story from their personal points of view.

This is very much a coming of age story … one that addresses our relation with ourselves, with others, and with Spirit. The lessons the main character learns in this book are listed, as he learns them. Each time a new lesson is learned, it is added to the list. Above all, show respect for yourself and the people around you. Listen closely, and follow directions. Use the gifts that you were born with for the greater good.

This is a tremendously good read, and could very well help those who are still trying to define their path in life, or to understand the path they are on.

© August 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Bill Curtis (Fatback Band) – August 2012

(The following newsletter is being shared with the permission of Mr. Curtis. Enjoy!)

An Old Frame with a New Picture

The new music industry in some ways is like the old music industry, but with a newer approach, that addresses today’s technology. The techie builds a whole new industry for themselves by using our music to sell their product. Think about it. The tech companies out in Silicon Valley were not in the music business, so they didn’t have the creative artist in mind when they started out (willing to bet you). I feel like if they did…why didn’t they build a way the artist could get something for use of their music? As I said, music wasn’t their thing, and please don’t get me wrong, I love all the new technology. I just want know why is it so hard to remove the third party out the picture for independent? If steaming is the next big thing… where does Indy fit in? We need our own Spotify/Mog for the small Indy’s that will pay each individual in their own account. No, Spotify is not for the small Indy’s… never was and will never be for the Indy. Ok, so why did they go to old gatekeepers and give them all that front money… (That the artist will never see)? Who are they sending royalties to? The labels, which will never pay the artist because of the way they have their account system set up (only a few of top artists will see some). There is nothing out there that I know of that musicians can get paid directly for sale of his music without going through a third party and believe me, that third party is not kicking down any doors or breaking his neck to get your music heard. What you are doing is just placing your music on their site and it just sits there. No, that’s not their job to get you heard…creating new apps for you to buy and think you getting your music heard. I’ll take that back, nobody buying That’s what it’s all about, selling you apps.

When Label was king, they use to pay to get what they wanted heard. They controlled distribution and that’s the whole key…distribution. Yes we all are on an equal playing field in a way; let me explain what I mean. I don’t care how great your music is if you can’t get it heard it ain’t worth a damn. The labels lost control when the internet came along but the net haven’t figured out how get your music heard and you get paid. And the labels are blocking and buying anything that looks like it’s getting close to getting in the marketplace. Distribution, This is where the money is and the label knows that. Why don’t you think Spotify want just come out tell us exactly how they pay? It’s because the labels are in partners with them. What they want to do is, put the old school into the new school, where they can just give us what they want us to have. No transparency.

Spotify know not to do anything that will upset their partners. Believe me if a tech company came up with an ideal how each indy artist could get paid from steaming, what I mean negotiate your own deal worldwide if they did (1) They couldn’t get the backing financially (2)if they did get money they would put them out of business, mafia style. When all the old gatekeepers are gone and out of the picture, maybe then we might see a new music industry and music people running the industry again and not techies.

If you haven’t notice, old music is out-selling new music for the first time. I wonder why, anyone have any ideas? Is it because there’s too much new music to choose from or is it because they are just making good music and not great music? Could it be that new music has too much competition with texting, video games and computers? Maybe young buyers are losing their interest in new music or could it be because the prices went down on the old catalogs. On the other hand electronic music is gaining grounds and feeling no pains. They are drawing more people than the so call big acts. Why, because of the experience. That’s what the people want; an experience, they want be in it and music can give you that when it’s done right. Go out and get caught up in a musical experience and see what I’m talking about. If it doesn’t happen then that act sucks, Oh! I didn’t mean that, I meant they are not quite ready for prime time.

Outta here! Bill is still running his mouth. Just writing what I feel and tell it how I see it! ”An Old Frame with a New Picture.”

Will be in the Uk for two shows:

November 17th
The Coronet
28 New Kent Road
London SE1 6TJ

Newcastle November 18th
Hoochie Coochie
54-56 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6SF

Places on the internet you can find Fatback Band music

For the albums back in the days:
Ace Records

For all the new music “Bill Curtis and Friends w/The Fatback Band”:
Reverb Nation


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I want to thank Lena Ruth Stefanovic for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. As required by the RULES (Cappies love RULES!), here are 7 things about myself, and 15 other bloggers that I am nominating. 🙂 Have fun with this, peeps!

These are 7 things about myself:

1. I love writing flash fiction.
2. I love to help promote others.
3. I love music – especially RnB & Jazz.
4. I am beginning the first book in a cozy mystery series.
5. I try to learn new things every day.
6. I adore my cats.
7. My cats and I plan on living in a HUGE house. 😉

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Bill Curtis & the Fatback Band

The following is the latest newsletter from Bill Curtis (of the Fatback Band). It is being shared with his permission. Some great things going on here – including the Fatback Band in the UK & Europe!


This is my kind of weather…”Summertime,” “Girl watching time”…the butts are hanging Baby!! I haven’t loss my eye for those big leg girls and when you lose that you might as well hang it up.

I hope you go out this summer and hear some good music, whatever your taste may be. The experiences of being at a live performance are one of a life time and you’ll never forget them. I still recall my first live dance! We didn’t have concerts in my days they were called “dances”. The band was Buddy Johnson’s Big Band and the music was dance music. Don’t ask me what kind of music is dance music. To me all music is dance music! Blacks have been dancing to all kinds of music since the beginning of time. I don’t know exactly when they started breaking music down in categories. To me it’s just music. Music is music and it’s all dance music. Those experiences of losing yourself and letting the music take you there. “There” is anywhere you want to be! Music has that power and once you’ve had that experience…you’ll never forget it! Wow, the magic of music.

Fatback Band will be coming to UK London on two dates:

November 17th 2012 at The Coronet – 28 New Kent Road, London SE1, 6tj – Show Time: 9:00 pm – Occasion: Celebrity Street Sound Records 30th Anniversary

This will be our first time back in the UK since 2009 and we’re looking forward hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

November 18th 2012 we will be headed to Newcastle:

Hoochie Coochie – 54 Pilgrim St up on Tyne NE 1 6sf. This is my friend Warren Thomson’s Hoochie Coochie Luxury Bar, very intimate and funky. I love playing in small rooms. If you can, catch us…Ph: 0191 222 0130 or Email:

We’re still putting together our Europe tour. Dates are still open. Now is the best time to book…around these dates. You can contact me via email at or call me 910 476 6007 . Let’s see if we can make it happen.

I will be telling you more about these dates as time draws near, especially the Street Sounds gig!!! That’s the exciting one! They are meshing different genres all together in one big live show…Electro/Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz Funk with Dj’s and somewhere in there, they throw in a little “Fatback”!

Places on the internet you can find Fatback Band music

For the albums back in the days:
• Ace Records

For all the new music “Bill Curtis and Friends w/The Fatback Band”:
• iTunes
• Reverb Nation
• YouTube


(c) July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Review – Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards

The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards

Author: Mel Brown
Artist: Mel Brown
Spirit Dreaming Australia

“The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards” is a 40 card inspirational deck, illustrated and channeled by Mel Brown, a Ngunnawal Aboriginal Woman and clairvoyant. The messages held within the cards are meant to act as a tool to guide us through life, and to assist in clarifying any issues that we are facing.

The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards are similar to a Tarot deck. Some cards are wonderful and offer messages of praise and positive affirmations, whereas some cards have stern messages that challenge the Reader to look at their own behaviors or that of others to address the issues at hand.

Brown has combined aspects of the Feminine Goddess energy with Aboriginal spirituality. The artwork is unique and very sharp – no unnecessary objects to clutter the cards, primitive type artwork, colors that stay to themselves, and symbols that are, easily recognizable, such as the chakra system, the three female aspects of the Goddess (maiden, mother, crone),and the moons on either side of the goddess figures representing dreamtime and the feminine mysteries. The cards have a unique appeal that goes beyond cultural boundaries – they will appeal to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike.

The cards, and the accompanying guidebook, come in a 5 ¼” by 4” wooden box, with the top drawing out to open. Care needs to be taken in taking the top off, and putting it back on. The box itself is a light colored, lightweight wood, and is beautiful! I had a small problem getting the cards out of the box, but that is because they were wrapped in plastic. Once I got them out, and took the plastic off, they fit nicely.
The top of the box, the cover of the guidebook, and the back of the cards all carry the same logo – a circle with three female figures, arms stretched over their heads, with two quarter moons on either side. Above this is the word “Aboriginal”, below it are the words “Spirit Oracles”.

The cards are 3 ¼” by 4 3/8”, of very sturdy card stock. The card face shows a ¼” white border, followed by a ¼” black border. At the bottom of the card we see the card name, in white lettering against a black background. The imagery in the cards is primitive, and makes good use of color, with minimal objects, presenting a very clean, uncluttered look to the cards.

The guidebook is text only (no images), and gives a definition of the name of the card, along with an explanation of how to put the energy of the card to use. My quibble with the guidebook is that this ia all that is presented – no explanation is given on how one might use the cards. For someone who is used to working with Tarot and divination decks, this won’t be an issue. For someone new to working with oracle cards of any type, this could be a problem.

I love the card entitled “Truth” – it shows a blue sky, green land moving into a hill in the background, with a blue road wandering through the card and up behind the hill. In the middle of the card are seven circles, radiating energy, representing the seven major chakras.

From the book:


Truth is not just simply ones own understanding of how things are, for truth is deeper than that. It is an unspoken knowing that comes from deep within. It is the soul acknowledging the truth in its purest form. Truth can often be clouded by others interpretation of life, yet your soul has a remarkable way of distinguishing what is real and what is not. If you don’t trust your intuition, your gut will show you the truth. Spend time listening and taking note of your body, as all the answers you are looking for are there within you – just look inside and listen.

Explanation of the Card

What is truth, anyway? It’s what feels right for you! Everyone’s truth is different. Don’t get too tied up in who said what, to whom, and when. It is like when a number of people all witness the exact same tikng, yet when they are asked what happened, accounts of the event will change from one person to the next depending on how they viewed the situation. Don’t doubt yourself because others see things differently, but don’t judge them either. Let someone else have their tttruth, and understand whilst it may be different, your truth is not wrong either, as you are just both coming from different perspectives. This is a time to trust your own truthand delve into your own inner self for the answers without the pressure from others to see it their way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amongst the other cards we have “Intuition”, which shows a single female figure, arms raised above her, with a single quarter moon on either side. The definition is that of a “state of awareness that comes from knowing and trusting in yourself. The explanation goes on to talk about how the Seeker has chosen to ignore signs in the past.

Reflection shows a female figure, standing, with her arms raised, palms up, at shoulder height. Below that we see a series of lines connecting circles. The definition talks about the ability to look back and see a situation for what it was. The explanation talks about the Seeker being sad because of the losses they have sustained.

Wealth shows a tree with green leaves, and wisdom coming down from the sky in the form of lines of white droplets. The definition for this card is one that includes money, possessions, and experience. The explanation talks about wealth being an individual thing, depending on where each person put their focus.

Mother Goddess shows a female figure in the foreground, with her arms raised. White circles are around the upper part of her body. Two smaller female figures stand behind herm outlined in the white circles. The definition for this card talks about her being known by many names, but standing above all. The explanation talks about the Seeker’s ability to see the universal picture.

Self Respect shows a female figure in white, super-imposed over a female figure in b lack. A winding path of white circles moves from the bottom to the top of the card. The definition talks about the Seeker’s belief about themselves. The explanation talks about being too quick to find fault with yourself, and struggling to identify your own strengths.

Saboteur shows a female figure, seated, with her arms above her head, appearing to hold a white cup that is resting on her head. The colors of the seven chakra’s flow in ribbons around her. The definition talks about looking for that dark an ominous being in that long dark trench coat. The explanation talks about stop blaming others, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

Manifestation shows a tunnel, with its roots in the earth and a female figure, arms raised above her head, at the top. The definition for this card talks about principles that have been practiced for thousands of years. The explanation talks about having the power to manifest your future.

Freedom shows a female figure, arms down at her sides. The land that she is super-imposed over is green, with a blue stream running through it. The sky is yellow, with a full moon over the figure’s head, and quarter moon’s at each side. The definition talks about feeling content within yourself. The explanation talks about the end being in sight after you have worked very, very hard.

Inner Harmony shows ribbons with the colors of the seven major chakra’s. In the center we see hearts winding their way up the spine, where the chakra’s are located. The definition for this card is being true to ourselves and walking out own path. The explanation is being emotionally available.

I found these cards to be easy to work with, the illustrations magical, and the guidebook well written. The only other thing that I would have like to have seen was an explanation on how to use the cards, for those Seeker’s that have never used a system like this before.

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Review – Beyond Bizarre – Frightening Facts and Blood-Curdling True Tales

Beyond Bizarre –
Frightening Facts and Blood Curdling True Tales

Author: Varla Ventura
Weiser Books
ISBN #978-1578634644

“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”
James Joyce

“Beyond Bizarre – Frightening Facts and Blood Curdling True Tales” gifts us with some very strange facts and stories! It is the kind of book that you can pick up, peruse for a few minutes, and put back down, satisfied that you have had a good time, and that you might have even learned something!

The book is divided into thirteen chapters, covering such things as Haunted Hollywood, On the Road: Tales From Haunted Highways and Byways, Murder, She Wrote, Bag of Tricks, and Naturally Strange.

We read about sea creatures (such as the Mighty Kraken), and pick up such gems as pirates wearing gold hoop earrings not as a fashion statement, but so that they could afford to be buried, and that that they imbibed alcohol in copious quantities while at sea because the water was not drinkable.

We also read about the Comisky curse – a curse that followed the then owner of the Red Sox, and was thought to have begun in 1910 with the opening of Comisky Park. Then there was Banjo the Clown that was allegedly hired by a British socialite to kill her stepson and her husband’s ex-wife. He thought better of the offer, though, and reported it to the police.

West Virginia has the world’s only known haunted amusement park (it is on private land, and accessible only by appointment. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy was dubbed the “Killer Clown” because he worked as an entertainer at children’s parties. All of the “Little Rascals” cast seem to have come to a bad end!

Heidi Fleiss edged into her career as a madam when she went to work for Los Angeles’s Madame Alex to pay off a gambling debt. Then there are the celebrity superstitions, such as rocker Meat Loaf traveling with two stuffed bears, Tiger Woods believing in the power of red, and Shania Twain appearing at venues with her own bomb sniffing dog.

There is a lot more to go in this book! Scary bits, interesting bits, pieces of history, interesting bits for cocktail conversation, small tokens that can be expanded on and added to a story (writers will understand what I am talking about here!).

One last thought – pirates used nicknames so that government officials couldn’t prosecute their relatives on land!

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Review – Wells of Wisdom

Wells of Wisdom

Author: Noreen Jameson
Cover: Noreen Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-105-58963-8

In the name of the Highest Being …
without beginning, without end …
the Eternal Being …
(from the book)

This is the second in a series of books by Noreen Jameson (aka Maven Noreen). In her first book (Petals of the R.O.S.E), she gifted us with channeled wisdom from various Guides, Angels, Guardians, and the Fae. This book is excerpted from her personal Book of Wisdom, a book that she has been keeping for over forty years. It comes from many sources, and can be considered Ancient Knowledge or Wisdom.

The holistic knowledge shared in this book is wisdom that Maven Noreen has but to use in her own life. She likens the answers that we seek to pieces of a puzzle, given to those that will listen and share, at various stages in their life.

She begins with a well thought out discussion on what metaphysics is, and the thought that all paths lead to recognition and remembrance. She notes that working on ourselves is the most important work that we can do. She encourages the reader that by following their joy, abundance will follow. Most important of all – revelation comes through experience.

“We have to forget what we learned in this dream before we can remember.” (from the book)

Side note: The Divine in this book is referred to as Godde. This spelling incorporates both the feminine and the masculine aspects of the Divine.

Maven Noreen addresses such things as symptoms of awakening (how important for our times!), attributes and characteristics of being Highly Sensitive, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and much more. What I really appreciate is that she takes the information from the mental realm into the physical world, which is the world that we all experience it in.

The wisdom in this book is presented through several different avenues: Crystals and Gems, Essential Oils, Herbs/Supplements/Foods, Energy-healing and Alternative Modalities, Centering/Meditation/Prayer, and more.

A sample from Gems and Crystals reads:


Physical – Amber absorbs negative energy and transmutes this to positive energy thereby helping the body to heal itself. Helps with tissue revitalization, and is also good for throat, kidneys, and bladder, and teething pain in small children.

Mental/Emotional – Amber bestows wisdom, balance, and patience on the wearer. It brings calming and cheering influences and helps you to feel freedom from care. Amber is a stone of good luck and happiness, which encourages creativity.

A sample from essential oils reads:


Almond oil, the symbol of wakefulness to the Egyptians, is used extensively in prosperity rituals by anointing candles and money, as well as added to money incenses.

A sample from Herbs/Supplements/Foods reads:

Willow Bark (and Meadowsweet, Wintergreen)

Willow Bark is the original source of aspirin (salicylates, salicylic acid) and naturally relieves pain and inflammation. Other herbs, such as Meadowsweet and Wintergreen, are also rich in salicylates. (Apples also contain salicylates.)

Caution: If you are allergic to aspirin, it is advised that you do not take aspirin-like herbs.

This small (130 page) handbook is one of the best written, most inclusive books that I have read on taking responsibility for ones-self, and working in alignment with the natural world. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to align their four worlds (mental/spiritual/emotional/physical) with the natural world.

“Wells of Wisdom” can be purchased here –

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Review – The Book of the Bizarre – Freaky Facts and Strange Stories

The Book of the Bizarre
Freaky Facts & Strange Stories

Author: Varla Ventura
Weiser Books
ISBN #978-1-97863-437-8

The inside cover states that this book was designed for the depraved, outlandish enough for the eccentric, and freaky enough for even the hardest trivia nut. I might amend that to add writers who are looking for tid bits to add some zest to their work, someone setting up a trivia party (you don’t have to be a trivia nut to set up a trivia party), or someone who is looking for a book they can read for five or ten minutes, put down, and come back to at a later date.

By nature, this book is about the bizarre (otherwise why advertise and promote it as such). It is also well written, interesting (all 303 pages), and broken down into thirteen categories so that finding what you are looking for is relatively easy. The categories include History’s Mysteries, Coincidence Or Synchronicity, Dia De Los Muertos, Passing Strange, The Vapors, and The Dark Side of the Moon. The bibliography at the back give both book sources and online sources, so if you want to do some tracking down on your own – you are welcome to do so!

From the back cover, we find out that Rod Stewart (yes, THAT Rod Stewart!) was a grave digger at one time, that the Bible is the number one book stolen in the U.S. (I don’t even know if Bibles are still pro forma for hotels any more – but I would guess that is where a lot of the theft occurred.) Ulysses S. Grant’s wife’s psychic premonition saved Grant from the bullet of John Wilkes Booth.

Each freaky fact is placed into a paragraph that reads like a short story. Most of the material will be easily recognized. The stories that I was really attracted to included The Magical Skull of Doom, Stonehenge, the Tower of London, a checklist for signs that your house may be haunted, Animal Apparitions, The Flying Dutchman, the Palace of Versailles, the holy Grail, A Memphis Belle, Origins of the Ouija, Fibonacci Flowers, Diamond Jim Brady, Isadora Duncan, The Ghost Ship, British Witches Stop Hitler’s Army, Lady Godiva’s Ride, the Cumaean Sybil, the Amy Fisher Story, Florida’s Female Serial Killer, Black Widow’s, Ouija Magic, Night of Terror, Premature Burial, and Jung and His Patient.

Another really cool sound bit was on what manner of death creates a ghost. The list included murder, suicide, accidents, broken hearts, greed, and lack of proper burial (or desecration of the burial site).

Not a book for everyone, but a definite find for those that are interested in freaky facts and strange stories!

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Review – Listen Well, Volume I

Listen Well – Volume I

Author: Margaret Dulaney
Produced by: Matt Balitsaris
Maggie’s Farm Recording Studios

I have always loved a good and true story, that hints at the
divine workings beyond this physical world, a story that lifts
me out of the mundane and into the upper atmospheres
of hope, courage and gladness.
~ Margaret Dulaney

I felt very gifted when I received this CD for review. I hold the belief that things come into our lives when they are supposed to, and for a reason. Author Margaret Dulaney is a former playwright that now writes in the spiritual/ethical genre. More than that. She takes the written word into spoken word on her site,, in the form of monthly audio offerings. From her landing page:

“Offering once-monthly, recorded pieces that speak to our need for individual awakening, and embrace the shared wisdom of all faiths.”

This CD shares offerings from her site: “Our Affections”, “Someday”, “The Owl”, ”Worthless Days”, “A Remarkable Story”, and “A Small Matter of Great Importance”, from Dulaney, and “On Wings of Silence”, from guest writer Sophy Burnham.

Listening to these stories is like taking a small “time-out”, and moving into another world – the world of spirit. Dulaney’s voice is strong but gentle, easy to follow, sitting well on your spirit. Quiet your mind … hear the story!

Dulaney’s site,, is there to bring hope. Her CD is there to bring hope. When her CD is purchased, it brings hope. The entire proceeds are going to the Micro-finance organization FONKOZE, which is committed to lifting the rural poor of Haiti out of poverty.

This CD entertains us, takes us into the world of spirit, and allows us to become part of something larger than ourselves. What more could one ask!

© May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

Healing Hands – Continued

In my last blog I talked about a healing session that I had with Pip Miller – Just to refresh your minds, Pip is an energy healer, and has just put together a new, in-depth healing session These are the areas that this specific session (entitled DARE TO LIVE THE POSSIBILITIES!™) offers (from Pip’s blog):

“This session consists of unblocking energies in 5 crucial areas of our lives: our sense of self, our sexuality and creativity, our sense of personal power and choice, loving ourselves unconditionally, and speaking our truths.”

I noted that the healing for me actually began the night before. I think that, in part, this was because my first thought was that I needed to remain open. So I consciously opened myself up. I woke up t he next morning (the morning of the actual healing) feeling great!

The part of the healing that I noticed the most was when Pip was sending energy to my back and chakra system. The energy just swirled around there! This was a reminder to me that I am a Reiki healer, and I know how to do chakra balancing, and I know that I am shooting myself in the foot and blocking what I wish to achieve. I have what may be termed a “fear of success”. I am making the time to do healing work on myself!

Wait … Bonnie … Didn’t you just have an incredible healing session? Yes, I did. The specific intent was to unblock energy that was blocked. And it worked! If I continue to live my life as before … the blocks will come back. I need to run with the healing that I am experiencing, and set down a solid new foundation for my future. I need to listen to my shadow self/selves, acknowledge them, show them love, and incorporate them into my being.

Yes, healing will invariably release our shadows.If we don’t acknowledge our shadows, we can get healings every day, and they won’t help a bit! Well, they will help, but minimally, and certainly not long term. I want to make some big changes in my life, so I want my healing to “stick”!

The shadows that I hear right now are telling me that the healing is not all that I think it is. That my joints (in particular, my hands) are feeling better because it has been raining, so I haven’t been able to do yard work. I listened, and I let my shadow know that the rain will eventually stop, and then I will be working in the yard again, and we will see how my hands do. Well, my shadow smirked at that, and reminded me that I had been using my parafin bath on my hands, so how did I know that things isn’t what was really helping? I pointed out the supplements on my counter, and explained that everything worked together – the parafin bath, the supplements, exercise, green tea, diluted cranberry juice … they were all working together to keep me healthy.

My shadows are quiet for now, but they will be back. i have peace now, and will show them no anger. In time,I will be the person that I know that I can be. the five areas that Pip addresses in this healing are important to all of us. it is up to us to receive the healing in the best manner possible, incorporate it into our life, and see what the next step is. if we are moving and growing, there will always be a next step! 🙂

(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet