Reversed Tarot Cards

Note: This is a guest post by Tarot reader Cher Green. Enjoy!

Reversed Tarot Cards
By Cher Green

To achieve a full reading, it is important to include the meanings of reversed cards that appear. It is just as important to ensure the possible appearance of these reversed cards. These additional meanings will bring more depth and knowledge to your reading.

To ensure their appearance, simply do so during the shuffling process. One way is to divide the cards into three stacks and to reverse one. This will also allow for previously reversed cards to become upright for the reading in progress.

Before beginning, you should be clear as to how you will interpret the reversed tarot card. There are a number of ways to do so.

One is to interpret the card as a delay to the upright meaning. In this process, if the upright interpretation of the Three of Cups is a celebration or coming together of friends, then the reversed meaning could be a delay in the intended party.

Another is the opposite of the upright meaning. With the Three of Cups, the reversed might mean an argument among friends, a possible third interference.

A blocked energy is another method. The reversed meaning would become the ability to enjoy others company but not allowing oneself to do so.

There are many other ways, but the important factor is to decide upon your method and to continue using the same method.

Do you use reversed meanings in your readings? What method do you use?

Cher Green is a fiction writer and tarot reader. You can find her at Tarot Guidance, where readings are available, and at Footsteps of a Writer.

Tarot Shadow Work

Tarot and Working With Your Shadows

We normally think of the Tarot as having upright and reversed meanings. Then there are those of us who do not use reversed meanings, but view the card we are interpreting in relation to the cards around it. When you really stop to think about it, there are 360 degrees of meaning – from the strongest positive to the strongest negative. Any of these meanings could represent a shadow within us – an issue, or a feeling that we fear, and that we do not want to acknowledge, much less address.

“To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light.” Carl G. Jung.

A loose definition of shadow is that it is made up of all the things that we refuse to acknowledge, attempt to hide or forget. Whatever we do not want to face, whatever fears we have the power to act as shadows. These are exactly the things that are going to come out in a Tarot reading – whether we ask about them specifically or not.

The reasons that our shadows come out in a reading is that this is what is standing in the way of our success in life, our happiness, and our sense of inner peace and self-confidence. If we do not work to accept our shadows and integrate them, our outer world will continue to mirror our inner conflict.

The first step to doing this is to bring our shadows into our consciousness – which is exactly what a Tarot reading does. The next step is to look at the archetype involved, and see what qualities it represents, because these are the qualities that we are blocking, or not recognizing, in our own life.

We can learn just as much, if not more, from our shadow archetypes as we can from those archetypes that represent skills and abilities that are inherent within us. How do we begin the work on our shadows, after we have brought them to our consciousness? At the end of a reading, the archetype that represents what the Seeker needs to know, or needs to take from the reading, also represents the shadow that the Seeker is facing at the moment. Or, a reading can be specifically focused on shadows that need to be worked with. The archetype can be defined from the specific reading, drawn as a random car, or specifically chosen by the Seeker, with the cards face up.

The Seeker then works with the card that they have chosen (or that has appeared in their reading). Taking the card into meditation, journeying with it, journaling about it, working with affirmations – these are all way in which as Seekers we can work with our shadows.

Let’s take a look at one card, and see what its shadow might be. Let’s take a very positive card – The Star. We generally define the positive side of the Star as hope, and regaining our self-confidence. The energy of the Star carries with it the need to be authentic, to be one’s self, to answer only to one’s self.

As a shadow, we are looking at lack of self-worth, no sense of hope, the inability to recognize the resources that we have at our own command. The inner self and the outer reality of the Seeker are not in alignment. Understanding and accepting this energy, and integrating it into their persona, is the task that this Seeker face.

Work on shadows can be done as an individual, with a reader, or within a group of readers. The Seeker may be able to integrate the energy on their own, once they understand it. Or they may wish to call on another specific archetype to help them. In the case of drawing the Star as a shadow, I might call on the High Priestess or the Empress as helpful archetypal energy.

If you begin this work, and become unsettled by it, then either set it aside, or seek professional help (Tarot or otherwise). If you are working with someone that you can see is becoming unsettled, and you do not feel that you can help them, them make the suggestion to them that they seek out other professional help.

There is much to be gained by working with our shadows, but we need to recognize the power they can have in our lives, and deal with it accordingly.

(c) April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

The Fool’s Journey

Today we are on a Fool’s journey – a journey around the Internet to visit places and things that have come into my radar.  Our first stop is the Tarot Connection, Leisa ReFalo’s site. Leisa is now carrying Robin Tisch-Hollister’s “Minute Tarot” – a Tarot of 78 quick insights. Each card was drawn and colored in under five minutes, as an exercise to help move the artist past a creative block.  The deck is done in the Rider-Waite tradition, and appears to be quite usable. Lisa is offering it through her site.

The next site we are going to visit is a blog site – TarotElements, authored/edited by Catherine Chapman, co-author of “Beyond The Celtic Cross”. The current (as of this writing) post is on Zoran Cross, and the Psychosynthesis spread. Much as in her book, Catherine shares with us a psychological Tarot reading done for her by Zoran Cross. She shares the layout for the cards, as well as the commentary for the reading itself. The deck used was CIro Marchetti’s “Legacy of the Divine” Tarot.

Another offering from Catherine is Craig Conley’s take on the Mansion of Madness Tarot. This is a screenplay where the action is driven by Tarot cards. Every archetype appears in the film, as well as several Court Cards.

From Douglass Gibbs ( I thoroughly enjoyed his take on the Chariot – Triumphant Victory versus image of the Church – The Chariot. Lots of interesting commentary to think about here.

From Alison Cross we have a brand new non-Tarot website that may interest many of us (I know that it interests me!) – Hestia’s Larder. Here she will be discussing recipes, doing cookbook reviews, and all kinds of things! Alison is funny, down to earth, and has a lot to say. I am already signed up and tuned in!

Ciro has already found his way into the chat, so I am mention his newest site also, since I love to play there! Legacy of the Divine Tarot. This is a members site where you can find Tarot articles, a Wall of Knowledge with tidbits of Tarot wisdom, a gift shop that carries Ciro’s decks, Giclee canvases, Tarot bags, reading cloths, cushions and more, information on all of the cards from the “Legacy of the Divine Tarot”, and a room to do readings in (with the ability to write and save comments on your readings).

Enjoy your journey through the land of Tarot!

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading

Note: This template is based on a template for Past Life Reading developed by Rose Vanden Eynden (@RoseofAvalon) –

1 3 2

5 4 6

7 9 8

>11 10 12

The deck that I used for this reading was the “Hezicos Tarot”, by Mary Griffin (

Card 1 – Basic Soul Nature (Seeker) – Seven of Cups

Card 2 – Basic Soul Nature (Second Person) – Ten of Rods

Card 3 – Present Life Issue – Five of Swords

Card 4 – Past Life Influence – Two of Cups

Card 5 – Environmental/Early Life Influences In Past Life – The Hierophant

Card 6 – Accomplishments in Past Life – Six of Coins

Card 7 – Past Life Relationship – Nine of Rods

Card 8 – Past Life Death – End of Life – Six of Swords

Card 9 – How The Past Life Affects This Lifetime – Three of Cups

Card 10 – Lessons The Soul Needs To Learn – The Emperor

Card 11 – What Energy Will Help The Seeker To Learn This Lesson? – Knight of Coins

Card 12 – What Is The Next Step? – Two of Swords

The basic soul nature for the Seeker lies in the emotional realm. They are wide open to their intuition, and to fantasies and dreams. This Seeker needs to be able to discern between reality and illusion, and develop their dreams in a positive manner.

The basic soul nature of the second person lies the world of action – of follow through, if you will. This person needs to remember that there are consequences for all actions. And they need to be able to organize their activities in an efficient manner. This person needs to acknowledge just how much activity they can take on, and when it becomes overwhelming.

The present life issue is that of a sense of restlessness, of mental battles between the Seeker and the second person. The party who ses themselves as losing here is going to feel a lack of self worth. Worst case scenario – they will not feel able to cope with life.

The past life influence is that of two individuals who are very deeply connected. The emotions of one individual are mirrored in the second individual. There is also an ability to accept the differences in each other.

Past life environmental early life influences are all about (religious) belief systems and (familial/societal) expectations, It is a feeling of wanting to move beyond what we know, to move beyond what is acceptable. It is about moving beyond the security of community approval and carving our own path. Here we make the decision to either accept the values of our family/community/society, or develop our own values, based on our own experiences. It is all about knowing what to keep and what to release – what serves us well, and what no longer serves us well.

The Seeker’s accomplishments in their past life relate to having attained a attained a certain level of material goods and societal status. This was a time when the Seeker was moving from working hard to attain a certain level of wealth to using that wealth in an ethical, spiritual manner.

The past life relationship between the Seeker and the second person was that of distrust. There needed to be more open mindedness here, as well as the ability to leave the past in the past.

End of life in the past life had to do with being unable to release old thought patterns. The Seeker was not able to, or choose not to, address some issue in their life. This brought about their demise.

How this particular past lifetime affects this lifetime is in a very positive manner. The past that was not able to be addressed/released is now being released. There is no w great happiness, celebration, and a sense of optimism.

The lessons that the Seeker’s soul needs to learn are those of making decisions and taking action – bringing order out of chaos, being a mentor, and taking responsibility. Seeking clarity is a large part of this lesson.

The energy that the Seeker needs to access to learn this lesson is that of caution. Informed risk taking come to mind. Putting in the work of life.

With this lesson learned, the next step is that of thinking too much. The Seeker is not seeing clearly, to the point hat they may be avoiding some truths in their life. Far of change is also indicated here.

I can follow this reading through to the next to last card, and everything falls into place and makes sense. The final card – well, it makes no sense to me at all! It is as if the Seeker is taking a step back! Any thoughts?

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

The Power of Fear Spread

Today’s blog is based on a reading that I did for myself for Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Tarot of the Crone” study group ( The spread itself (The Power of Fear) was developed by Ellen specifically for use with this group, and her “Tarot of the Crone” deck, and is being shared here with her permission.

This is an incredible deck – the Crone has a voice that demands to be hear, and takes no prisoners! As often happens, this spread came into my life at a time when great change is going on … and fear is, at least for me, part of that change.

The Power of Fear Spread

1. In what way does fear betray me? Grandmother of Wands (Matriarch)
2. In what way does fear sharpen me? Sacrifice
And from the predator’s pov:
3. Where is the vulnerability in that which opposes me? Strength
4. What helps me take advantage of this vulnerability? Nine of Disks (Community)

TOC Grandmother of Wands

Fear betrays me in that it blocks me from hearing the Goddess’s words, from connecting with my female community. Fear betrays me in that I feel no warmth from the council fire.

TOC Sacrifice

Fear sharpens me in that I feel it for others. In my writing, in my words, I can express the pain that I see and feel I took one look at this card, and absolutely fell apart. This is so where I am right now.

TOC Strength

The vulnerability in that which opposes me is interesting. I love the figure sheathed within the snake – we are talking some transformation here! I am body, and I am spirit (from the book). The vulnerability is in the act of transformation, IMHO. I can transform, into something not recognized by that which opposes me.

TOC Nine of Disks

How can I take advantage of this vulnerability? Through connection with community. Community will have my back as I transform. Interesting, since parts of community that  I have been strongly tied to are falling away, by mutual agreement.

© February 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

Reading For February

I decided to do a short reading for February, to look at the general energies that would be affecting all of us. The deck that I am using is the “Sakki-Sakki Tarot”, by Monicka Clio Sakki.


2          3

4                    5

1. What is the general energy for this month? Five of Cups

Yikes! Five of Cups during the month of love! Monicka talks about this card representing disappointment and loss of one’s dreams. Perhaps this is a caution to not attach too many hopes to Valentine’s Day (or to relationship in general), but to take things as they come.

2. What do we know about this month? The Magician

We know that we have the resources to manifest our goals this month, if we have clear vision, and show intent and focus.

3. What is hidden from us about this month? King of Rods

What is hidden from us is that we will need to make use of our ability to discriminate, make mature decisions, and be the leaders that we can be,

4. What do we need to know about this month? Ace of Rods

We need to know that we will be offered an opportunity to access our creative nature, to enter into new beginnings in some way, to be adventurous, to place some lovely fiery energy into our lives.

5. What energy can we call on for assistance? Six of Swords

This month we can call on the literal energy of travel (perhaps a three day weekend!), as well as personal wisdom/truth. With this wisdom we move forward.

© February 2010 Bonnie Cehovet


When Those Who Have Crossed Over Cross Into Your Readings

Several days ago I posted on Twitter, asking for ideas for a Tarot related blog. One person responded – and one person was all I needed, because her suggestion was so profound! Theresa Reed (aka @thetarotlady) suggested that I address the issue of talking about people who have crossed over coming up in readings. She noted the same thing that I have seen in some of my readings – that she sometimes received information that was downright “spooky” when she read the cards for a client that was concerned about a loved one that had crossed over.

How does the subject of a deceased loved one come up in a reading? I have had clients state from the get go that they wanted to know about someone who had crossed over. Sometimes they wanted to know how they were doing, sometimes they wanted to know how they died (i.e. under what circumstances), sometimes they wanted to know where a certain piece of paper or other item was. Sometimes they wanted to know if there was a message for them from that person.

Other times I will be in the middle of doing a reading, and I realized that the information coming to me has nothing to do with the question being asked, and that it is coming from a specific entity. I let my client know what is being said, and that I feel it is information coming to them from someone who has crossed over. Once that is out of the way, my client and I can return to “regularly scheduled programming”.

I think the most interesting (read bizarre here!) thing that has ever happened to me when doing this kind of reading was when I had two hysterical sisters on the line (I read over the phone), wanting to know about the death of one sisters boyfriend. Keeping them both calm and bringing over the information that was coming to me was, well, “quite interesting”.

Theresa has agreed to allow me to share one of her favorite experiences about loved ones that have crossed over. “A man came in to get a reading. He was a cop and very skeptical (I always find it odd that cops are skeptical about intuition considering most of them use it EVERY DAY at their jobs!).  We started out doing the general outlook and he asked a few questions.  He began to relax and I sensed he was enjoying the reading and actually getting something out of it.  He decided to ask about his dad and told me that he passed on not too long ago.

Without saying anything more, he handed me the deck and I started laying out some cards.  Suddenly, I felt compelled to ask him “Who is Jerry?”  He went pale and his eyes widened.  “That’s my uncle”.  I looked at him and said “he’s passed on too, isn’t he?”  The client nodded.  I then continued laying out cards and said “Jerry wants you to know that he helped your dad to cross over and your dad is fine.”  This man almost got a little shaky and teary eyed and then he said “there is no way you could have known he passed before my dad”.  He was so astonished by the reading that he became one of my biggest promoters – I had a lot of new business after that reading.”

Theresa: “So did the cards actually predict? Or was I picking up on something else? I like to think that the cards can show a message but sometimes they open the reader up to another source of knowledge and we unwittingly begin to channel information.  This has happened to me on many occasions but this was one of the most striking examples. “

Note: Theresa’s work can be seen at and .

Should a reader agree to do this type of reading, or is this the province of a medium? Whether through a medium or through a reader (no matter what system they are reading from), this is channeled information, and should not be a problem. If the reader is unaccustomed to doing a reading like this, or if it makes them uncomfortable in any way, then they need to let their client know that they need to find someone else to do their reading. If the information comes up in the middle of the reading, they can do the same thing. Explain that information is coming from across the veil, but that they do not do this type of work.

For the reader who does feel comfortable dong this type of work, I would remind them to be very aware of their client’s reactions to the information. This is a little easier to do in person, because you can read body language. If the client is frightened, ask them if they would like to stop the reading. Talk to them until they are calmed down before they leave the reading area. Over the phone, listen closely to your client’s voice, and keep asking them if they have any questions. Make sure they understand what you have told them, and are reasonably calm.

This type of reading opportunity presents itself more often than we might think. If as readers we just allow ourselves to open up, absorb the information and pass it on, we will have been able to give our client peace of mind, and perhaps even closure, concerning a very difficult area in their life.

Please feel free to share your own stories under comments!



Health Care Legislation Passed

On Saturday, November 7th, 2009 the House passed the much ballyhooed Health Care Legislation. This is the first step in the process – now it moves on  to the Senate, then the Senate version moves back to the House. It is monumental that this legislation passed, and it has a long road to go. I decided to draw a few cards and let them tell the story of the legislation as it stands now in the process. I did not define the positions – nor am I defining the number of cards to be drawn. It will begin where it does, and end where it does. Enjoy!


Six of Cups: This legislation was really a joint effort – although no Republican is going to admit this. (BTW – One Republican did vote for it.) Even amongst the Democrats, opinions were divisive. One evidence of road-kill – payments for abortions. They will not be paid for under this bill.

 The Empress – Very evident to me, although others may not think so. This is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and represents the efforts that she took to shepherd this legislation through. Look at it this way – Steel Magnolia (although Ms Pelosi is not southern!).

 Four of Wands – This legislation is a marriage of differing ambitions, ideas and goals, It is a small respite of peace and harmony until the debate begins anew in the Senate.

The Lovers – Opposites have been brought together, to the benefit of the whole.

 Four of Swords –  This is a time to sit back and reflect on the next phase. There will be changes, that is a given. Our legislators will need to go within themselves to balance states needs against the needs of the country.

Knight of Pentacles – Our legislators will act in a forward and skillful manner, using the wisdom that they have gained to fine tune the bill into workable form.


What do we need to know about this legislation?

Eight of Cups – Quite literally, progress is being made on this project!

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

Samhain Readings

I did my Samhain readings at midnight – the perfect time! Glass of wine in hand, pumpkin glowing, I sat down with two decks – Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot” ( Ellen Lorenzi Prince’s “Tarot of the Crone” ( By my side I had Ari Stones “Tarot Journal (,) to record the readings in.  

I asked two questions of each deck:

     1. What do I need to know on this night?

     2. A personal question.


I did three card draws for each question, reading them as a story, rather than trying to define positions. The information that came through was very “in your face” – as one expects it to be on this night of nights! I am to be sure of what I want, and then to walk that path with passion.

After an hour or so, I did a second set of readings, with Bob Place’s “Vampire Tarot” (, and Robyn Tisch-Hollister’s “All Hallows Tarot” ( I did three card reading using the same questions.

Everything was recorded in Ari Stone’s “Tarot Journal” ( I love this journal, because there is a blank page to place the spread on (and small stickers in the back of the journal to list the card drawn and the position, and then paste on the spread page).

I did not do comparative readings – I treated each reading separately. And I got to play with the Happy Squirrel twice – once in the “Touchstone Tarot”, and once in the “All Hallows Tarot”!

It was a fun night, and a night where I got my butt kicked with “do this!” wisdom. I want to thank all of the lovely people that made this possible – who are leaving large footprints int he Tarot world: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Kat Black, Bob Place, Robyn Tisch-Hollister, Ari Stone, Leisa ReFalo, and the ubiquitous Happy Squirrel!

© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet

September 2009

We don’t give readings in a vacuum. Whatever is going on of a seasonal nature, whatever grief mother nature is giving us, whatever the positions of the planets brings (such as retrograde energy), these will all affect our readings. It behooves us to pay attention – to drag the calendar out and check a month or two ahead. In this way we will know when Mercury goes retrograde, when a Blue Moon is going to occur, when the New and Full Moons are, when the change of season comes into play – all the neat stuff that makes up life.

We can place this information in our newsletters, post it as conversation on Twitter and Face Book (Linked In could care less!), post an article on our site or write a blog (yes, like this one!) that shares what the upcoming energies are. If we read in person or through e-mail, we might want to make some kind of handout for our clients.

September is going to be quite an interesting month. We have a Mercury retrograde in Libra, moving into Virgo (with the Sun in Virgo), and a unique energy day on September 9th (the 09/09/09 that is popping up everywhere!). The retrograde energy starts on September 7th, and lasts until September 29th. (It is also the fourth Mercury retrograde in 2009 – usually we only experience three in any given year.)

Retrograde energy means that we need to pay attention to all forms of communication, anything having to do with travel, and things mechanical – such as forms of transportation, fax machines, printers … all the things we depend on daily! With the retrograde energy in Libra, we will be looking at relationships and the quality of harmony in our lives. When it moves into Virgo, we will be focusing on accountability and the ability to analyze the issues in our lives.

The energy of September 9th (09/09/09) still carries the retrograde issues, but takes us deeper into acknowledging and resolving issues from the past. The quality carried by the number nine is that of humanitarianism, equality, justice, idealism, creative thinking, compassion, and selflessness. As the last single digit number, it can be seen as the number of completion.

Add to this a more esoteric thought – on 09/09/09 some believe that earth will receive a charge of spiritual light energy that will anchor it in spiritual love. This surge of energy will bring into consciousness negative energy from the past, negative beliefs that we have developed and accepted, and issues that we have not gotten resolution to. This is going to create a lot of chaos – especially if we choose to fight it. If, on the other hand, we choose to work with it, we can bring resolution to these past issues and move on, having learned our lessons.

The energy of 09/09/09 is considered universally to be conducive to relationship. To that end, many couples worldwide are planning to be married specifically on this day.

What can I say – September should bring readers a boatload of customers, with a myriad of issues to deal with. A little preparation, and we should be able to help a great many people!

© August 2009