I like the look of the numbers … 12/12/12. I could stare at them forever! I know that I am not  alone in that the sequence of like number has been appearing to me with greater and greater frequency, especially when I look at a clock: 3:33. 1:11, 10:10 etc. I looked into this a bit,and read that there is a belief that during such occurrences the person having the experience is undergoing a spiritual download … that they are receiving spiritual information, whether they realize it or not.

When I started looking at the date … December 12th, 2012 … on the Internet, that it isn’t just an interesting sequence of numbers. This date is part of the quickening going on around us, it is part of the ascension that will supposedly take place on December 21st, 2012. In some places I read that this date IS the ascension, and that what happens on December 21st, 2012 is the solstice marking the birthing of the new earth. It is on 12/12/12 that the mechanics, if you will, of the ascension takes place.

All I can tell you is that over the past month, and especially the past two weeks, I have been hit with some heavy energy shifts … shifts that were not pleasant, and that rocked me to my core. For my Tarot friends, these were definitely Tower moments! All is well, as I am obviously still here to tell about them. 😉 My feeling is that what needed to fall into place for me as an individual did fall into place. The fact that there were physical reactions to this shift simply indicates the depth of the shift. I was lucky … I scrambled and made it through.

According to the Mayan calender,  12/12/12 marks  the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for our planet. Many religions do predict a “Golden Age” around this time period. What we are experiencing is a shift in the collective conscious of our planet. Changes will come into our lives that we do not understand. There is a need to assimilate them into our being, rather than to fight them. If we embrace them, we can work with them.

We are being given the opportunity to heal ourselves, and to heal Mother Earth. We need to do this in whatever manner comes to us.  May we all grow as individuals, and take our proper place in supporting ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. We can right the wrongs that have been done before it is too late!

(c) December 2012 Bonnie Cehovet