2011 Greyhound Calendar

It is about his time of year that we start looking for calendars for the upcoming year. I have my first one in hand (I normally use three hanging calendars), and am absolutely delighted with it! It is the 2011 Greyhound Calendar, from Robert M. Place. We all know that Place is a wonderful artist, with the researchers ability to translate back and forth between image and text. What many people may not know is that he and his wife are also active in greyhound rescue work.

In this calendar Place has combined the worlds of art, mysticism and greyhounds to stunning effect. The front cover depicts a quarter page scan of the image from May – a lovely woman hugging a greyhound. Underneath this image are smaller scans of the entire twelve images used in this calendar.

We see greyhounds with female figures, a stunning image of a greyhound in the sky, a greyhound seated at the feet of the High Priestess from the Tarot, a greyhound and a lion with a female figure in the background, a female archer standing between a greyhound and a coyote, a greyhound set against a city landscape, and my favorite – a woman in a lavender dress holding a dog.

The holidays included in this calendar come from the United States, Canada. Mexico and the UK. Also included are the equinoxes and notations for daylight savings time.

I found this calendar to be delightful enough to be the one that will hang by my computer, so that I can see it at all times. I love the imagery, and appreciate the care taken in including a depth of holidays.

Place has two more calendars out for 2011 – one or both may well find their way into my hands!

To purchase this calendar, go to: http://www.lulu.com/product/calendar/2011-greyhound-calendar/12800997.

 © October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet