Review: Meditation For Relaxation – 60 Meditative Practices To Reduce Stess, Cultivate Calm, and Improve Sleep

Meditation For Relaxation –
60 Meditative Practices To Reduce Stress,
Cultivate Calm & Improve Sleep

Author: Adam O’Neill
Althea Press
ISBN #978-1-64152-396-7

“Meditation For Relaxation” is all about using meditation as a tool to help enrich your life. In his introduction, O’Neill talks about meditation improving our quality of life in many ways. (Having practiced meditation for many years, I would add to this that meditation improves the quality of our lives on all levels.) O’Neill also notes that the practice of meditation is not inherently religious, and that it can be practiced by anyone, no matter what their belief system. He talks about his mother encouraging him to “use the breath” – to tune into the present moment to improve mental preparation, focus, and performance. The bottom line: the practice of meditation allows us to detach from our thoughts, allowing us to reset our relationship with our total life experience.

Before going into meditative practices, O’Neill addresses what exactly meditation is, and how it helps us to relax, reduce stress, and sleep better. He then presents a quick five minute meditation to help achieve calm and relaxation. The meditation was very simple, and easy for anyone to follow. The second meditation that he presents is on being “present and complete” – which helps us to reassure ourselves that we are complete as we are.

The meditations that follow are all for specific time periods, and for a specific purpose (such as relaxation, releasing layers of memory and emotion, walking meditations, awareness in the present moment, using a visual focal point to maintain awareness in the present, working with the sound of rain, working with aromatherapy, working with non-attachment, accessing your emotions, and so much more!). I found them all to be easy to follow, and quite effective.

There are twenty different meditations presented – all powerful tools of empowerment. At the end of the book several different resources are presented, including books and an app, as well as a listing of references, and an index. The index itself is a wonderful way to find the meditation that you need at any given time, and is worth its weight in gold!

I should really add a little PS here – Mr. O’Neill is the CEO of, a merger of Broga®Yoga (which he co-founded) and Yoga For Men.


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