Review: An Introduction To Crystal Grids – Daily Rituals For Your Heart, Health, And Happiness

An Introduction To Crystal Grids –
Daily Rituals For Your Heart, Health, And Happiness

Author: Karen Frazier
Rockridge Press
ISBN #978-1-64611-066-7

I have not worked with crystal grids in some time now, so it was a pleasure to have this book cross my path. I appreciate the focus being on daily ritual – something that we can each do for ourselves, and on the areas of heart, health, and happiness. With this lovely tool, we can accomplish so much for ourselves.

Frazier begins with an introduction to crystals, and the energy they carry, then moves on to the power that a crystal grid holds, and how that power is based on the combined power of the crystals being used. She talks about crystal grids in terms of wellness, creativity, prosperity, emotions, and spirituality. She references grid shapes, sacred geometry, the circle, the spiral, and the use of intention. We learn about the role of color, and the shape of the stones.

Elements of a grid include a focus stone, a desire stone, and directional stones. Sample layouts are included for fifteen grids, including a basic circle, the Yin/Yang symbol, a spiral, a triquetra, a lotus, and a triangle. Instructions for each layout include the meaning, the layout basics, and what it is best used to do.

An entire chapter is devoted to working with grids: setting your intention, choosing your grid, and choosing your crystals. Emphasis is placed on trusting your intuition in all steps of the process. Part of the process includes cleansing and charging the crystals, determining your purpose, and finding the right location. (A lot of factors go into finding the right location – including young children and pets.)

There are sample grids that are set up specifically for wellness and healing, including immune system strengthening, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, anxiety, heart health, stress and relaxation, and better sleep. There are also sample grids presented for creativity, including creative dreaming, creative inspiration, and sharing your creative truth. Sample grids for career, wealth, and prosperity include personal wealth, reversing a consciousness of lack, career motivation, and following your passion. Grids for deepening your emotional connection include forgiveness, self-awareness, joy, and compassion. Grids for strengthening your spirituality include inner peace, divine dreaming, and grounding.

At the end of the book Frazier presents twenty-five crystals, and what they can do for us. There is also a reference section, and an inclusive index.

I find this book to be a delightful tool of empowerment, and highly recommend it.

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