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I do not generally review Internet sites, but was brought to my attention, and I felt that it presented its subject matter very well. The first thing that impressed me was the very clean look – white background, decent spacing, and good use of images. The header across the top of the landing page takes the reader to sections on Horoscopes, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Fun Games, and Learning. Also included on the landing page are links to Featured Contributor (I really felt that this was a nice touch, to allow site visitors to meet the person behind the words). Astrology (Moon Sign and Chinese Roster Sign – with built in software that allows the site visitor to edit in their birth date, so they can see what applies to them), and “Learn the Latest”, with a link at the bottom of the page that allows the site visitor to browse all of the articles.

 The right hand side of the site contains a form to fill out for site visitors to be added to the horoscope and mailing list, and a tasteful ad for a free psychic reading with Psychic Elements.

The Horoscope section includes daily, weekly, and monthly general horoscopes; daily, weekly, and monthly love horoscopes; and daily, weekly, and monthly career horoscopes; and a yearly horoscope. I found both the types of horoscopes offered, and the defined time periods to be quite attractive.

The Astrology section includes Zodiac Sign, Moon Sign, Chinese Zodiac Sign, and links to astrology related articles.

The section on Tarot includes a brief introduction to Tarot, with links to specific Tarot topics; Tarot card meanings, and links to Tarot related articles.

The section on Numerology includes Your Name & Numerology, and Your Life Path Number. There is software provided so that site visitors can input their personal information, and find out what their numbers are.

Under the “Fun Games” section we see “Are you a psychic?”, which is a game of prediction using the Zener cards, and  a free (automated) three card Tarot reading, using the Tarot of Marseille. I enjoyed playing in both of these sections, and loved the music that played while doing the Tarot reading!

Under the “Learn” section the site visitor will find Articles that can be accessed by category (Astrology, Horoscope,Tarot).  The Astrology category holds the most articles, with the Horoscope and Tarot sections still in the beginning stages.

I really liked this site … it was clear, concise, and easy to navigate. I could look for a specific piece of information, or I could go to the game section and amuse myself for as long as I wanted to. Well worth checking out!

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Scorpio Full Moon – May 2011

May 17th brings us the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio (opposing the Sun in Taurus). We are looking at the need to find a sense of balance between our inner need for peace and physical security in ur inner world (the Taurus sun), and our need to be very intensely involved in life and the outer world (the Scorpio moon).

Where Taurus deals with form and matter (material goods, sense of personal security), Scorpio deals with the destruction of form, change, transformation, and things that are shared in some way. Scorpio takes us into the mysteries, into the intangible parts of life that we have perhaps been trying to avoid. Scorpio also likes power, and to take charge,

The moon is all about emotions an the mysteries anyway – the full moon brings those emotions to a head, and asks us to transform and change. Something that has been building up within us needs to be let out … it needs to be expressed, it needs to be shared. We might want to be a tad bit careful with how we go about doing this lovely sharing, as the wisdom that is coming to us, the ideas that we are expressing, are not fully thought out, fully formed yet. We don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot, after all!

Relationships will carry great importance at this time. One project, one person or one goal will be the focus of attention at this time. There may be a feeling of needing to have everything happen with a sense of immediacy. Be very careful in this mode that you don’t spread your energy too thinly, and wear yourself down (essentially accomplishing very little). Step back, find your sense of balance, and allow things to flow freely. This is not a time to try and force results. Take the high road!

Questions that you might want to ask yourself at this time are:

* What (or who) is most important to me at this time?

* What are my goals in relation to this person/issue?

* What do I need to express/breathe into life?

* How can I best do this?

* What practical action can I take that will bring about results without forcing them?

* What needs to be transformed in my life?

© May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet



Christine Payne-Towler New Moon Tarotlogy January 2011

Some of you out there HAVE to be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourselves “Ummmm Bonnie … This is April, not January! You did, however, get the year right. All is not lost.” You are paying attention! Good! We are entering the second quarter of 2011 … what I see in my life, and the life of my clients, is that major changes are happening, and life is moving faster and faster. We have to know what we want to leave behind, what we want to bring in, and what the environment that we are doing all of this in has to offer. This is why I am reintroducing the link to Christine Payne-Towlers January New Moon 2011 article.

Christine talks about January’s partial solar eclipse in Capricorn, and other astrological positions. She uses the Continental model as a reference for her work, which in these articles is to provide commentary from the Tarot on current astrological positions. Here is Christine’s summation – I hope that it encourages you to read the entire article!


As a whole, this group of cards seems to be quite coherent, in the sense that all signs point to exercising the instinctive native genius instead of repeating pre-programmed reflexes entrained through acculturation. The Venus card suggests that you let yourself steer away from things that feel malevolent to you. The Jupiter card reminds that there is no need to hurry; natural momentum is your ally at the moment. The Mercury card assures that we each have everything we need to go forward with confidence.  The Saturn card suggests that we lend aid to those who find themselves falling short in these difficult times.  Finally, the Mars card implies that its time to engage the community in a problem-solving expedition that can backstop tried-and-true approaches with fresh viewpoints and new tools.  In composite, it seems that this Capricorn NewMoon is offering us a chance to come to a new focus, defend our boundaries, go with what’s working but also be quick to change when better ideas come along. This is perfect advice for the New Year, so I’ll leave it here in trust that my readers know just where these ideas are meant to be applied.”

The article can be seen here – Touching base with this article will help you clarify where you are, where you are going, and what you will be facing inhte coming year.

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet