Internet Radio

One of the newest venues that I have been working with is Internet Radio. There are several different shows that I follow, and that I would like to share. Enjoy!

Talking With Ed and Victoria

Ed Peterson – Numerologist

Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya – Feng Shui practitioner, Tarot enthusiast

2 pm PST Saturdays

one hour

10/1 Catherine Chapman (Beyond The Celtic Cross)

9/25 Anna Burroughs Cook (Tarot Dynamics)

9/18 Premier Show


Beyond Worlds

Donnaleigh Tarot, Psychic

Storm Cestavani – Astrology

Georgiana Boehnke –Tarot

Theresa Reed – Psychic, Tarot

4 pm PST Saturday

4 pm PST Sunday

90 minutes

10/02 Nancy Antenucci – Honing Your Natural Psychic Abilities

9/26 Cold Readings

9/25 Mary Greer – Blogging

9/19 Kris Waldherr – Creator of the Goddess Tarot and the Lover’s Path Tarot

9/18 Beyond Tarot Intensive Class #1

9/08 Robert Place – Anne Rice, A Fools’ Journey Book, and the Minor Suits

Beyond Worlds show listings can also be seen here:


Your 15 Minute Weekly Astrological Update

Ellen Zucker

15 minutes

7 pm PST Sunday


NuLife Radio

Dax Carlisle – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mark Reed – Clinical Hypnotherapist

two hours

4 pm PST Monday

4 pm PST Tuesday

10 am PST Sunday

10/29 Rowen Pendragon Halloween/Samhain

10/01 Barbara Hofmeister – The TO BE Book

09/28  Bonnie Cehovet – Tarot Birth Cards

09/27 Deb Freuh GPS For Your Life

09/26 Stacey Tallitsch CEO Corporate Prophet

09/19 Anna Burrougha Cook – Tarot Dynamics


Tarot Pathways Podcast

Anastasia Haysler

Rose Red


Episodes approximately every two weeks

9/29 Episode 50 Lon Milo DuQuette

8/06 Episode 49 Pearls of Wisdom Tarot with Roxi Sim

7/25 Episode 48 The Best Ever SFBATS Sneak Preview

5/25 Episode 47 Aquarianism and Art With David Palladini


Everyday Wisdom With Megan and Paul

Megan Gala

Paul LeBars

One hour

11 am PST Tuesday

10/26 TBA

10/15 TBA

9/28 The Law of Attraction

9/21 Full Moon Releasing

9/17 Psychic Hygiene

9/14 Robin Richardson – The Akashic Records

7/06 Oracle Cards

 © October 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

Around The Net

I want to thank Craig Conley for sharing his delightful vacation pic with us, and for the use of the link to his sight. Craig is an absolutely amazing person – check out his blog and see what he has been up to! Today’s blog is a quick tour of the Internet, and items that I thought might be interesting to Tarot minded people. Enjoy!

I just heard some very exciting news from artist/Tarotist Arnell Ando! Along with Michael McAteer and the lovely staff from Museo dei Tarocchi, Arnell will be leading a Tarot Art and History tour through the birthplace of Tarot in northern Italy. This is a twelve day tour, from September 26th – October 7th, 2011. More information can be found here:

From Rachel Pollack, we have three excellent videos of Rachel reading from her new book “Tarot of Perfection” (Magic Realist Press):

Uber Podcaster Leisa ReFalo is up and running again – her latest Podcast takes a look at Significators, from the perspective of a diverse group of Tarot professionals, including Fred West, Donnaleigh de LaRose, Valerie Sherill, Sean Tierseron, Roger Tobin, Ginny Hunt, and Thalassa.

Great things are going on at Blog Talk Radio, including Beyond Worlds (Donnaleigh, Georgiana Boehnke, Storm Cestavani, Theresa Reed), Astrology At The Metaphysical Corner (Ellen Zucker), and Psychic Friends Live (Storm Cestavani).

Liz Christy, lovely lady, and someone that I admire greatly, just added Tarot readings to her site – Please visit Liz, and give her some love! (You might want to order a reading while you are there too!)

Here’s to a great summer!

© July 2010 Bonnie Cehovet