Review: Building Our Main Street

Building Our Main Street

Author: Kristian James

Illustrated By: Matea Anic

AM Ink Publishing

July 2022

ISBN #: 978-1-943201-77-8

“Building Our Main Street” begins with a conversation between a young girl and her mother. The young girl has not seen her grandmother in a long time and is confused as to why. Her mother explained that her grandmother died and took a trip down her Main Street.

Her mother defines Main Street as a place all older adults go when their time on earth has come to an end.

Her mother then goes on to say that Main Street is a place filled with bright-colored buildings and each person’s favorite memories. It is a place of happiness and fun.

As the conversation continues, the mother describes what the grandmother is seeing and experiencing. The little girl asks if bad memories appear on Main Street, and her mother assures her that they do not.

When asked what is at the end of Main Street, the mother describes their ancestors that have moved on before them.

The mother then assures her daughter that she has her whole life to build her memories for Main Street.

James addresses the subject of discussing the passing of a family member with a child. He has done this in a very creative, magical way, emphasizing the positive, and ensuring that both the child and the adult are listening and responding. “Building Our Main Street” is a very gentle, positive book that will be a teaching resource for parents as well as family members discussing loss with children in their family.

I cannot say enough about the lovely illustrations – they bring the words to life in a very magical manner!

The dedications in this book are to those family members in the lives of the author and the illustrator who have already crossed over.

“Building Our Main Street” has a place in every home, and in every situation, that deals with the subject of children and death. Kudos to author Kristian James for his most excellent work!

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