Full Moon In Capricorn

Finally – a Full Moon that is easy for me to understand! I have a heavy earth chart, starting out with my Sun and Moon in Capricorn, so this Friday’s Full Moon in Capricorn is a blessing for me. I know what to do with this energy! ­čśë This caps off a week that has been very good to me – many things accomplished, many things coming to me. Okay – Full Moon in Capricorn – what are we looking at here. Being Full Moon energy, it is all about bringing closure to what began on the previous New Moon.

With the Sun in Cancer, we are looking at a polarity – on the one hand we have highly emotional Cancer, on the other we have the oh so grounded Capricorn. ┬áCancer reflects home, relationship, and that which is private to us. Capricorn reflects the outer world, career, and how we are seen by others. This Full Moon requires that we find an acceptable balance between our private and public lives. We need to look at our priorities, and see if they reflect our goals and our life path. How comfortable are we with ourselves? Where do we feel off center? Are we nurturing the love in our life? Are we being recognised for our accomplishments? Where are we open to life, and where are we placing restrictions on ourself?

Our home is important to us, but so is our sense of responsibility. Where is the fine line here? Do we have a true sense of self, or are we defined by our responsibilities? Where is our sense of peace? Does it lie quietly within the home? Are we content within relationship? Do we have an inner need to be out there achieving something? Do we know what that something is? Can we be responsible individuals, out there int he world, and at the same time feel comfortable  connecting with our roots, and being in some small way dependent on others?

Thought for this Full Moon: How can I balance my need for accomplishment with the very real need for harmony within relationship? For me as a Capricorn, my comfort┬ázone lies in work, in “getting things done”. I need to work on harmony within relationship, although this has never been all that difficult, as I have Cancer rising. ­čśë

Embrace this Full Moon – my feeling is t hat it is going to make a huge difference for all of us!


(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet