The Art of Being Worthy

Today’s blog will be a short one. I would like to introduce you to three blogs/sites that I feel have something unique to offer the Tarot world. They bring a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.

The first one up is Helen Howell and Zanna Starr’s blog “Tarot Notes – Major and Minor” – http:// I love the way this post is written – as if the cards were coming to the house for a visit. There is interaction, dialog, and a great deal of humor and fun to be had by all. There is also honor, and respect … and attitude! Any reader knows that their decks have attitude! How boring it would be if they did not! More deck interviews can be seen here – Thank you for such a lovely way to get to know our decks. Along with the “Gilded Tarot” (Thank you, Ciro!), Helen interviews such decks as “Tarot of the Hidden Folk”, the Swiss 1JJ (swooning here – my Swiss 1JJ came through a friend of my sister’s, and has quite the history!), and the “Christmas Tarot”.

Next up is Stephanie Arwen Lynch’s blog “Tarot By Arwen” – http:// Arwen offers readings, workshops and classes, coaching for writers (Arwen is a published writer as one-half of the Marilu Mann writing team), monthly Tarotscopes (http://, and character readings (readings done for characters from a wide variety of stories and novels) – http:// There is so much cool stuff here – laced with a lethal dose of Arwen-style humor!

Last (but not least!) is the incredible blog by Catherine Chapman (co-author of “Beyond the Celtic Cross) – http:// I have to offer a small disclaimer here, in a nod to transparency – I do contribute articles to Tarot Elements on a monthly basis. Onward and upward! I am just going to ramble for a bit, and let each of you see what you might be interested in. There are a series of guest posts by such diverse individuals as Craig Conley (see how he overlays punctuation onto the Tarot in a unique fashion), Barbara Moore, Valerie Sylvester, Mick Frankel and Douglas Gibb (totally irreverent and insanely genius!). Valerie Sylvester is also a monthly contributor in the field of astrology, offering timely and astute insights into astrology, and how it affects our life. (Mercury retrograde is a well known “offender”, but did you know that other planets go retrograde also. Think, for a minute, what Venus retrograde offers up!) Catherine also has some excellent, thought provoking articles of her own up (“Should You Learn the Tarot With the Rider-Waite-Smith only?”, “The Baggage Handler). There are sections on the Celtic Cross, Elemental Dignities, Tarot News, Tarot Spreads and Tips and Techniques. There is also an ongoing study blog on the cards, with site visitor participation encouraged. One never knows what to expect next from Catherine … and its all good!

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Taking Tarot To A New Level

“Beyond The Celtic Cross” is a book that I seem to keep going back to reread, just for inspiration! The section that I am currently looking at is the one on understanding the four elements. Basic stuff, one might say, but it does give one pause for thought.

The elemental associations that Paul uses are the traditional ones, with an Elemental Dignities overlay. From the book:

“Fire – Action

The Wands or Fire cards represent actions, deeds, and consequences of actions. Fire is hot, aggressive, dynamic and unstable.

Water – Emotions, Desires

The Cups or Water cards represent emotions and feelings. Wager is cold and passive.

Air – Thoughts, Problems

The Swords or Air cards represent thoughts and ideas. Air is hot, wet, divisive and unstable.

Earth – Practicality

The Disks or Pentacles or Earth cards represent practicality, business and money. Earth is solid, dry and cold.”He continues on to talk about paired cards of the same element. For instance, two Fire cards represent actions that bounce off of each other – but don’t go anywhere! Two Water cards will merge their energies, only to create a larger, more passive energy. Two Air cards create a great debate that remains sterile because neither energy is willing to make a change. Two Earth cards together basically sit thee and ignore each other. (I love that image! Earth is heavy in my chart, so I understand this scenario!)

Now we move onto three cards of the same element (remember to picture the cars in a linear fashion). Three Fire cards exhibit the energy of the two outer cards rushing the center card, which results is a tremendous amount of fiery energy that has nowhere to go! This energy then carries over onto the cards next to it – which Paul likens to an unstoppable chain reaction! Towering inferno – here we come!

Three Water cards result in the two outer cards merging into the center card – with absolutely nothing happening! Remember – Water is passive!

Three Air cards together allows the two outer cards to “talk” to each other, resulting in their being a ble to develop a new view about an issue or situation.

Three Earth cards together allows he two outer cards to work together, but they still retain their own identity, and are able to be supportive of the center card.

These small seeds of ideas give a reader room for that wonderful “Aha!” moment in their reading, where the whole thing comes together – or, at the least, begins to make sense in new and interesting ways.

This is only a small sampling of he wonderful wisdom graciously shared in this book!

© May 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements!

Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements! This is the first anniversary of Catherine Chapman’s excellent site, Tarot Elements ( I decided to do a reading to celebrate the occasion, using the Joanna Powell Colbert’s “Gaian Tarot” (

I am using a three card Past/Present/Future spread, with the following cards drawn:

Past: Child of Fire (Page of Wands)
Present: Guardian of Earth (Queen of Coins)
Future: Two of Water (Two of Cups)

One of the definitions that Joanna suggests for the Child of Fire is that of student. This would be the case with Catherine, in a way, as she was both student and partner with Paul Hughes-Barlow in interpreting the reading that lead to their collaboration on their book “Beyond the Celtic Cross”, which was the impetus for setting this wonderful site up. It was time for something magnificent to happen in Catherine’s life, and it took the form of this site. Catherine has created a solid foundation for future work with her fiery energy, will and determination!

What an appropriate card for the present! This Queen nurtures and protects the seeds of wisdom that will grow from this site, and the financial stability that it will bring. My sense is that real time results are more important in the present than pie in the sky ideas. There is a plan to the way in which the site has been set up that will act as a solid base for future growth.

The future has a caring, compassionate feeling to it. Everything will be taken into account – Catherine’s needs, the site visitor’s needs, the need to share and teach, There is a deep heart connection between Catherine and the work that she is doing.

I look forward to watching Catherine, and Tarot Elements, grow into their own!

Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements!

(c) April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

New Contest!

I find myself with an extra copy of Catherine Chapman and Paul Hughes-Barlow’s “Beyond The Celtic Cross”. This book is too good – it cannot just sit around, it needs a new home! Enter the idea to hold a contest!

This contest is open to everyone – US and overseas. What I need from you are headlines – yes, headlines! Blog headlines, to be precise. Pick a Tarot related topic, and make up a headline. Make up as many headlines as you want!

Submit them to me at:

I will be accepting submissions until April 30th. I will choose the winning headline, and contact the person who submitted it for shipping information.

Hope to hear from many of you!


(c) April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

Rejuvinating Reviews

Feeling like I need to renovate/rejuvenate my process for doing reviews. IMHO, they have become much too staid. Perhaps a less “by the book” approach? (No pun intended!) I am comfortable that I am covering the material, it is how it is presented that I am concerned about. I will have to think about this. Perhaps a more conversational tone? Extremely difficult for this Cappie!

Help me out here! What are you looking for in a deck review? In a book review? In a software review? How would you like to see it presented? Just the facts m’am? A little personal input? Comparison with like material? Something else? You can comment here on my site, or you can e-mail me at: Any and all insight much appreciated!

On to things that are more fun! These are things that have crossed my path that I found interesting, and that you may also. Paul Hughes-Barlow Tarot Workshop London April 25th Paul Hughes-Barlow What do reversed Tarot cads mean? Alyssa Montalbano Tarot Journal “How To” Video Catherine Chapman’s Tarot site and blog. Douglas Gibbs Tarot site and blog. Paul Hughes-Barlow Tarot site.

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Upcoming e-Book – “Women In Tarot”

Several years ago I did a series of interviews with outstanding women in the Tarot field. I have decided to make that into an e-book, with two new additions. The first addition is an interview with an up and coming Woman In Tarot – Catherine Chapman. Catherine has very graciously agreed to do the interview for me, for which I am quite grateful. Catherine epitomizes in her work the best ethics and understanding of Tarot that I have seen in a long time.

The second addition is something that I am going to need all of your help with. I would like to include a survey on how each of you views Tarot as it stands today, and what you see for its future. You have the option of being anonymous,  or adding your name and site link, if you wish.

I thank each of you that wishes to contribute. This lovely Tarot world of ours is only as good as we make it!

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