December 2019 Full Moon – Ending A Decade


The December 2019 Full Moon occurs on December 12th at 12:12 am, in the sign of Gemini. Called the “Cold Moon”, or the “Long Nights Moon”, it is the last full moon of 2019, and the last full moon of the decade. In essence, we are releasing not only what currently no longer serves us well, but what no longer serves us well from the past decade. What we do now helps us enter the year 2020, and indeed the next decade, with minimal baggage.

The Full Moon shows us the concentrated/peak energy of that particular cycle. While New Moon energy builds, Full Moon energy wans, or decreases as we move through it. Under the influence of Gemini, our thoughts and how we express them predominate. (Gemini is a very chatty sign!) This woud be a good time to take a deep breath before saying anything! Being tactful and being tactless are the opposite ends of a very wide spectrum, with serious consequences.

The challanges for this Full Moon come in the areas of love/relationsip and finances. Any fine tuning that you will be doing will be in this area. This is an emotional time – use your instincts to guide you, don’t try to “logic” it out.

What works for us this Full Moon is its inherent healing energy. We can make best use of this Full Moon by making time for ourselves, to recharge and restore who we are. The blessing of this enrgy is that we enter 2020 on a high note, filled with energy, ready to set new goals and move forward.

For those that want to do a Full Moon ritual, here are some for this Full Moon that I found inresting:

(c) December 2019 Bonnie Cehovet
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