Review: The Divine Heart – Seven Ways To Live In God’s Love

The Divine Heart –

Seven Ways To Live In God’s Love

Author: Colette Lafia

Monkfish Book Publishing Company


ISBN #978-194862637-8

The Divine Heart, while it is a product of all times, certainly is a product of the difficult times that we are currently going through. Lafia speaks of God’s love and how we can accept it into our lives. This is a book of truth, as seen through the eye of personal example. Lafia talks about her own personal experiences, and how they brought her closer to accessing and accepting Divine love.

The reader is offered seven powerful ways to expand their awareness and open their hearts. They are:

  • Receptivity: Listening and Responding
  • Delight: Feeling Life’s Wonders, Savoring Each Moment
  • Expansiveness: Trusting Our Heart’s Capacity
  • Acceptance: Embracing Life and Who We Are
  • Vulnerability: Becoming Open Hearted
  • Mystery: Dwelling On The Mystery Of Love
  • Gratitude: Relaxing and Enjoying The Relationship

Each chapter includes an introduction to the topic, personal experiences, references to leaders in the field of spirituality and their thoughts, along with how to work with the information contained within each chapter, and prayers and practices.. It is also recommended that keeping a journal will help the reader deepen their intentions.

If we take one thing away from reading this book, it is that life is a relationship with God that flows – that God is part of us, and that we are part of God. This is a book of feminine wisdom. This is a book for all people and all times.

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